What is the Scrappers Delight Digital Planner? Nautical Week

Just wanted to show you what can be achieved with digital stamps in your planner

scrappers-delights-planner-what is

This week I have used a nautical image from Scrapper Delights and you can find it here.  I have been using the Scrappers Delight digital printable planner for nearly 6 months now and I still think it is a really good option, especially if planners are hard to get hold of in your part of the world or, if you want to print on a specialist paper.  For example I would like to do some work with watercolours in mine...just picked up my almost totally demolished set that I lent my mum last year but that is for another week.


Anyway, I wanted to talk a bit more about this planner because people often ask me `what is this digital planner?`
I believe (but may be wrong) that the Scrappers Delights digital planner is a unique product.  It was bought to my attention a few months ago when Janice the designer behind Scrappers Delights reached out to me for input.


I am particularly interested in this type of planner because it brings planners to everyone.  Those of you who read my blog will know that at the end of 2016 I was complaining about shipping and import taxes for buying my chosen planner and in fact I had started to put together my own planner page templates as a result.  Being a more mature (cough) planner my IT skills are not wonderful, so the chance to work with this planner was of great interest to me.


The Scrappers Delight Planner is a digital planner that can be downloaded and printed off.  It differs from other printables in that it is supplied in jpeg format.  All the little extras such as dates, days, bullet points, fills, decorations etc are supplied as png files which allows different elements to be layered in a graphics programme to meet personal requirements before printing off.  A simple free graphics programme such as picmonkey is more than adequate for this.....


There are now 4 different versions.  Horizontal and vertical are available as either A5 or the 7" x 9" format that is the size of some of the larger US planners.  The planner can be printed on to any medium that can make its way through your printer, be it paper, cardstock or watercolour paper.  This means you can use all the art techniques to decorate.  Alternatively the standard size boxes of the vertical will fit many of the commercially available stickers.

In addition there is a huge selection of digital stamps, from an equally huge range of artists (check out Etsy to find your favourites).  Free digital images are also available from some artists on Deviant Art.  It is only right to credit the digital artists with the original art work where appropriate (usually I use links on my blog).  These digital stamps are really great for the decorative stamper as they can be resized to fit any planner, they can also be flipped and cropped.  Most jpeg images will need to be printed on a separate piece of paper card and applied,  Images with a transparent background can be added in a layer to the base planner sheet.


Then it is up to you to use your chosen mediums to decorate...watercolours, acrylics, inks.  Adding dimension will need to be carefully considered as this will add bulk to your finished planner.  However, there is no need to carry all 12 months around with you at any one time.  I usually restrict mine to 4 months as I like to incorporate all my `stuff` in to the one planner.


Please, please recognise the laws of copyright.  It might be fun to take free images from a search of the internet but you will be depriving artists of their income.  This is important because artists put a lot of time and effort in to the work they sell and if it is not financially worth their while to do so they will just cease to create.  I have seen several designers give up their shops because this.  Eventually we all suffer as a result.

Anyway enough of the serious stuff...go and be creative.  I would love to see what you come up with

Jo x


  1. I love your Scrappers delight digital planners.Love the way it is come in 4 different versions and cherry on the top is these wonderful digital stamp.

  2. Can you make a planner for me? I might use that this year. It's good thing to have.