Scrappers Delight - Recipe Cards

Scrappers Delight - Recipe Cards

This month scrappers delight have released some recipe cards in their digital planner range, along with some appropriate digital images.  find them here

I have used mine to monitor my smoking and curing. As you can see I have adapted mine so that more information may be written inside.  They are certainly fun items to use in your planner but i think they would also be great for a recipe swap.  

 In order to incorporate them in to my planner I have made this fabulous little planner pocket to hold them and have used one of the images to decorate with.

This particular pocket was made with double sided scrapbooking paper and decorated with one of the SD digital images.  I am hoping to get a youtube tutorial up shortly to show you how to make planner pockets to suit your own purposes, so do check back shortly.

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  1. They look awesome these recipe images and cards. I've known you since 2005, Jo, and I've never seen you smoke the times we've met LOL. Good luck with quitting, I know you can do it. I did (in Jan. 1998), and so can you!