Joanna's Planner - On the beach

On the Beach


Looking good....just totally makes me think of summer.  Unfortunately, I am quite sun sensitive so I don't look quite this good in a bikini.

Are you planning any beach visits this year?

  Living near the coast I spend lots of time on the beach but alas I am that woman in a floor length cotton cover up.


Finally, I feel I am getting a bit of mojo back thanks to this fabulous image from Amanda at Faery is so nice to see the curvy lady (Zarah Zaftig) featured instead of the usual impossibly thin women. 

The background has just been inked in gently with a sponge.  I love the sun.  The weather here in the UK is hot and sunny one minute and stormy the next.  

However, the children break up from school in the UK at the end of the week so the weather will soon change and we will have to make the most of what we have right now as it will soon be time for pumpkin spice and all things nice.


Zarah was imported in to MS word, sized appropriately and printed on to sticker paper.  She has then been coloured with alcohol markers before being cut out and stuck on to the background. Every thing else has been stamped direct to planner and coloured with pencils.


My Functional Planner Stamps are from the companies I usually use.  

Please feel free to message me about any specific stamp you are interested in and I will ascertain which set it is from.

Hope you are enjoying the summer or the winter if you are Aus.

hugs Jo x

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  1. Joanna you are such a talented person. the way you have designed and organized your planner is so impressive. keep it up!