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To be honest I would not have said I had a particular style but as I look back over my earlier spreads I can certainly see a style developing.  It took about a year to hit the groove that seems to work for me.


I am aware that some 'planners' look down on the decorative style of planning but I am very much an each to his you a hard core pen and paper planner to a very decorative art journaler I love and gain inspiration from each of you.

Now a little more about my usually involves a complex image bottom right.  Why you might ask?  There are two reasons for that.  The first being that I wanted to learn to colour with alcohol markers.  If we go back to my first spread in this format it was probably only the second or third time I had used them. 

 The easiest way to learn a new skill is to practice repeatedly, hence the single bigger image each week consistently coloured in markers.  You also might notice that I usually use digital images.  This is because in relation to rubber stamps they are cheap, easily stored and can be simply resized in MS word to personal requirements.


Now why bottom right?  This is because the space I am taking for my decorating is usually from a Saturday and a Sunday.  I have got a bit of a thing for taking those two days as they come.  I really don't want to plan my weekends in any detail because those sort of plans tend to go pear shaped. Now my daughter is older and living away from home I can choose to lay in if I want or, if the sun is shining get up early and go out with the dog.  Even take an ad hoc visit to my favourite coffee shop.

I am always quite envious of those spreads that have a little montage of stamps that create a scene across the middle of the planner, or even better individual scenes that are scattered about.  However, they would not suit my style because of the space they take.  This is one of my better attempts and you can see how this was achieved here.


When I show my spreads they tend to be relatively neat at the beginning of the week...this is not the case by the end of the week.  I have a memory like a goldfish and in order to address that absolutely everything I have to do, or need to remember goes in the weekly spread.  Trackers are used from time to time in order to build up good habits, usually water and exercise related lol.  Rudimentary meal planning, the more complex stuff has its own section with recipes, shopping lists, SW diary sheets. Work/day off/sick (record overtime or I forget to claim) any specific 'at work' tasks I need to remember.  A daily to do list, birthdays, appointments, phone messages.  Things I think of when I think of them, so later when I try and remember I can just scroll back through my pages.  I often write through my smaller images if I run out of space.


Currently I am trying out a more structured layout for me.  This year has been all about developing my ideal layout.  I have tried quarters, horizontals, horizontals with boxes, A5 and the bigger US size. be honest there is not much to choose between them.  The first week is always a little uncomfortable but it is soon easy to find that groove again....I also aspire to Bullet Journaling but I love my Filofax, so I am currently trying out some dot grid paper for some more permanent spreads such as goal setting....


Do you think you have a planner 'style'?  Have a look back at your older spreads and see how they have developed over time.  It really is an interesting thing to do....
Why not have a look at the other planner girls and see how they feel about their planner styles....maybe you will find some new ideas for your own planners

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  1. You definitely have your distinct planning style. Would know your stamped layouts anywhere xx ❤