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Planner Girl Collective - My Monthlies - Joanna`s Planner

Well this title certainly made me chuckle.  The girls this week are looking at their monthly spreads.

As you know I am a decorator...I love to have pretty, hand coloured spreads every week, so part of me thinks you are expecting something spectacular on the monthly spread front....

However, nothing could be further from reality.  Whilst I like to decorate, my planner is a totally functional item and it is only the weekly spreads, dividers and dashboards that get the decorative treatment.  Everything else is scribbled on, crossed out, rewritten on.  I don`t even use frixion pens (shock! horror!), or post it pads as much as I should.

I am not sure if I dare inflict a monthly on you (shame on me) but I am an active planner.  There is a lot of scruffiness  in my planner.  So, just for the it is

look quickly and then look away. 

It is on a printable  bought at the beginning of the year from Etsy.  All my monthlies are printed up and in place as this is where I diarise my activities.  It doesn`t alway work as I have forgotten to add my husbands dental appointment lol and consequently have to grovel today when I go in for my appointment.

  I have seen some spectacular themed planners around such as the Harry Potter one from Leo Robertson.  I would seriously suggest you look at her blog post here. This is an incredibly detailed beautiful project.  A picture would not give you any idea of the depth and scope so please go and have a look.

I am also totally inspired by bullet journaling but at the moment I am too attached to my rings...

I think it is great to have something to aspire too but...don`t forget this is real life!  never, be intimidated to show your own planner.  never think it is not pretty enough.  If you are one of those people book mark this post and come back for a reality check lol

have a great week everyone....
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  1. I have always wanted to have a planner but never made it and i also love bullet journals.these types of journals always keep you organized.