The Decorated Planner - April Showers - Joanna`s Planner


The Decorated Planner April Showers - Joanna`s Planner

This week features a fun April design from Scrappers Delight in my Recollections planner  The image is currently available free and can be found here....why not have a go and post your creation.  The design was just right for this month in the UK....last week we had a heatwave and I got sunburnt.  This week it is miserable, cold and raining.


The design was printed on to sticker paper and coloured with alcohol markers before being cut out and applied over a pre-inked background.  Once applied raindrops were added for effect.


Planner stamps this week are my usual functional stamps.  However, I have used a couple of my new Mama Elephant `little cat agenda` stamps which are just right for planners.  I seem to have a few things already in my planner even though I have a few days off.  Lots of social media stuff and a new planner dashboard.  I dont know about you but my planner is always a work in progress and this year more so than usual as I am trying all sorts of new things out.  next is the dutch door technique for more space.


The fabulous Washi at the top was from Doodlebug Designs.  I have a feeling the grass Washi was by the same company, although I have had that one hanging around for a couple of years.  The sentiment was stamped using those tiny letter stamps on wooden blocks that cost about a £1 or a $1 depending on where you live.  They have been coloured up with pencils to follow the rainbow theme.  Doodlebug washi is available in the UK from PaperMaze

This week I am going to be on tenterhooks as I am waiting for a big package of stamps to be shipped over from the US.  I opened one of those Mailing boxes that allow you to consolidate orders and send in one package.  Well, it left the depot about 10 days it is on the way assuming USPS reliability.  It will be interesting to see how it goes and how much it will actually cost but that is for another post.

hoping you all have a fabulous week

Jo x

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