Joanna`s Planner - Easter Daffodils - Planner Fail


Joanna`s Planner - Easter - Daffodils

Well this weeks plans had better be an improvement on last weeks epic planner fail.  As they say `The best laid plans of mice and men`...............(apologies to Robert Burns)

I had a fabulous week planned last week.  You might have seen my purple curvy girl spread but alas it was not to be.

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Planned Events

1. Two relaxing days off work

2. Tuesday Ballooning ( a silver wedding anniversary present to ourselves).

Ballooning didn`t make the planner because I knew it would tempt fate..instead the plan was to journal the day with sort of planned

The reality however, was nothing like this.

Unplanned Events or What Really Happened

1.   I started with a respiratory infection

2.  The ballooning was cancelled due to cloud...the only cloudy morning of the entire week

3.  Hubs and I decide it is a nice day to have a mooch up the coast, get some fish and have a walk on the beach.

4.  I fall flat on my face...literally.  one grazed nose, two black eyes, a dislocated finger, a broken pair of glasses that were not even 10 days old and very bruised right leg.  To add insult to injury whilst I am laying in the middle of the road trying not to cry with blood streaming out of my nose, a little old lady on a zimmer offers to help.  Bless her lovely heart...I just wanted to cry more.

5, The following day was gorgeous so I spent some time in the garden late in the afternoon.  An hour in the sun results in two burnt hands where I have inadvertently washed sunscreen off.

6.  The cat falls on my just will not believe this one.  Senior cat is teetering on the bannister.  He wants to jump to the window sill over the stairs.  I am coming up the stairs with the first two cups of coffee of the morning.  Hubs is waiting to come down.  Now being a sensible person I stop and wait.  If I carry on walking the cat will carry on jumping.   I wait, hubs waits.  We wait some more,  we wait even more...Cat leaps for the windowsill, misjudges, falls off down the stairs on to my head trying to use his claws to gain purchase as he falls down my body.  I drop two cups of hot steaming coffee down my naked legs.

So, all good vibes for a new spread and a new week will be gratefully received this week 😀


This beautiful daffodil girl is from the same series as the snowdrop girl a couple of weeks ago.  They are `Darling Buds` digi stamps by a company called Polkadoodles...there is often a discount code on a Tuesday but don`t forget it is British Summer Time (BST).

I have kept with the underlying purple theme of the Recollections planner and added in bright yellow.  Daffodils always remind me of Easter.  I have them in the garden but I can always remember my mum having bunches around the house when I was growing up.


You might be able to see some vertical lines lightly pencilled in.  Sometimes I find these useful as it breaks the day in to more manageable boxes and provides structure.  This I have found to be particularly helpful when moving from the smaller A5 to the larger 7" x 9" (ish) format of this bigger planner. 


Functional stamps this week are from the usual suppliers; Studio L2E, Tiny Stamps Big Plans, Lawn Fawn, Sweet Stamp Shop And Technique Tuesday

And of course I would not be British if I didn`t mention or moan about the weather, which this last weekend was unseasonally warm and seems to have bleached out some of my photos...

I hope you all have a great week and a fabulous Easter weekend if you celebrate.

Jo x


  1. Oh my goodness, you poor woman! I wear glasses too and if they broke I'd be completely lost. Had to laugh a bit about the cat though, only a tiny bit... Also now curious about where you live as you've said you live near the sea as I'm from Portsmouth originally.

  2. OMG, Jo, what a sad last week you had - I'm sorry, but you're such a good storyteller, that I just couldn't help laughing. I saw everything before my eyes and can vividly see you lying on the ground blood steaming out your nose and a little women hurrying to your rescue.
    You know, often bad luck comes in threes, and it seems that you had more than your share last week.
    I hope your Easter holiday will be fine though.
    Happy Easter to you.
    Hugs Kirsten