Joanna`s Planner - Planner Kit #1 - Scrappers Delight


Joanna`s Planner - Planner kit#1 - Scrappers Delights

This week amongst other things I have been trying out the dedicated planner decoration kits that are being designed to specifically fit the Scrappers Delight digital planner.  

Planner Girl Collective - My Journey

Planners - My Journey - Joanna`s Planner

 This is the theme we have been allocated this week and it has certainly made me think.

'Planners' are certainly very popular right now and are used in many ways.  From life planning through to Journaling they are being adapted by all those who use them.

Joanna`s Planner - Steam Punk - Dashboard

Joanna`s Planner - Steam Punk - Dashboard

Time for a planner update.


  I found this fabulous image on the scrappers delight site and was taken with it right away.  Had no idea what I was going to do with it but it became blindingly clear when I had a go at hot foiling.

The Decorated Planner - April Showers - Joanna`s Planner


The Decorated Planner April Showers - Joanna`s Planner

This week features a fun April design from Scrappers Delight in my Recollections planner  The image is currently available free and can be found here....why not have a go and post your creation.  The design was just right for this month in the UK....last week we had a heatwave and I got sunburnt.  This week it is miserable, cold and raining.


The design was printed on to sticker paper and coloured with alcohol markers before being cut out and applied over a pre-inked background.  Once applied raindrops were added for effect.


Planner stamps this week are my usual functional stamps.  However, I have used a couple of my new Mama Elephant `little cat agenda` stamps which are just right for planners.  I seem to have a few things already in my planner even though I have a few days off.  Lots of social media stuff and a new planner dashboard.  I dont know about you but my planner is always a work in progress and this year more so than usual as I am trying all sorts of new things out.  next is the dutch door technique for more space.


The fabulous Washi at the top was from Doodlebug Designs.  I have a feeling the grass Washi was by the same company, although I have had that one hanging around for a couple of years.  The sentiment was stamped using those tiny letter stamps on wooden blocks that cost about a £1 or a $1 depending on where you live.  They have been coloured up with pencils to follow the rainbow theme.  Doodlebug washi is available in the UK from PaperMaze

This week I am going to be on tenterhooks as I am waiting for a big package of stamps to be shipped over from the US.  I opened one of those Mailing boxes that allow you to consolidate orders and send in one package.  Well, it left the depot about 10 days it is on the way assuming USPS reliability.  It will be interesting to see how it goes and how much it will actually cost but that is for another post.

hoping you all have a fabulous week

Jo x

Joanna`s Planner - Inspiration Week 1 - Scrappers Delight

Joanna`s Planner - Inspiration Week 1 - Scrappers Delight


A whole new adventure begins this week.  I have been asked to design some spreads for a UK based digital scrapbooking company called Scrappers` Delights.  Janice from Scrappers Delights reached out as she felt we had a similar vision for a planner that could be used for a multitude of art, journaling, planning, and memory keeping needs.

Instead of being limited by a conventional planner the SD planner allows you to print off  an entire planner with all the goodies to paper, card or watercolour card.  Whatever best suits your medium and/or can find it here

This mermaid layout is for inspiration.  The weekly spread is from the bigger of the two kits available and the mermaid is a separately obtainable digital stamp here.  If you are good with your IT skills, using layering techniques it is possible to amalgamate digital images and create your own unique planner by that method.  However, my IT skills are limited so I have chosen to use my normal techniques which involve stamping, printing and colouring with alcohol markers


The mermaid here was sized in Microsoft word and printed on to sticker paper so that I could safely colour using alcohol markers.  The background to the mermaid however, was just lightly sponged with a blue dye ink and the background bubbles applied with a `Paper Artsy` stamp

On the preceding page I have used a whole an array of stamps from companies such as
Lawn Fawn, Studio L2E and Tiny Stamps Big Plans.  The Washi was just right for this project, it was gifted to me as a sample and now I want more lol.


As you might have noticed this week remains undated because at the planning stage I totally forgot it was Easter week  #plannerfail
In the next few weeks we will show you some of the purpose made planner kits that have been created to complement the basic planner.


Why not have a look at the other scrappers delight inspiration spreads
which can be found on the main Scrappers Delight Blog

Hoping you all have a fabulous holiday weekend and a good week ahead
Jo x

Joanna`s Planner - Easter Daffodils - Planner Fail


Joanna`s Planner - Easter - Daffodils

Well this weeks plans had better be an improvement on last weeks epic planner fail.  As they say `The best laid plans of mice and men`...............(apologies to Robert Burns)

The Decorated Planner - Recollections - Joanna`s Planner


The Decorated Planner - Recollections - Joanna`s Planner

This week I have a bit of a change as I am moving across to a `Recollections` planner.  The layout is bigger than I am used to using.  So, in order to make it fit my A5 Filofax, major surgery was required.