The Decorated Planner - Hey Chick -Joanna`s Planner


Joanna`s Planner - Hey Chick - The Decorated Planner

This week`s planner features the `Hey Chick` stampset from Stampin` Up which can be obtained free of charge during Salebration which finishes at the end of the month 

(you do have to make other purchases though).  

UK People can order this direct  HERE

I had a chuckle at this set as soon as I saw it.  The chicken at the top with the bad hairday is hilarious. I wasn`t sure what to do with them at first but decided that stacking them up would make best use of available space in my planner.

Once again I stamped the images on to sticker paper for flexibility.  This was so I could try out different placements before I was happy.  If I had been using a vertical spread they probably would have been pecking along the bottom. As it is the stack works well for me.


If you look carefully you will see that I sponged in a sky background and stamped grass along the bottom with three colours of ink.  The grass stamp is from Lawn Fawn, However, grass Washi could be substituted just as easily.  I chose to use a co-ordinating Washi along the top which is one of the `Duck tapes` we can get here in the is a bit in your face but I think it works well.  All the colouring is done with coloured pencil.

Now on to the serious planner stuff


I have tried to be a little more consistent and a little less haphazard with my horizontal layout.  I have some serious social media stuff I want to get done this week before I go back to work on the 20th. so each of the middle boxes is headed up with a Studio L2E stamp.

Once again there is a fair spattering of stamps from `Tiny Stamps Big Plans`. Can you spot them?  They are the small really detailed stamps.  Sweet Stamp Shop are also in there with the medical stamps...not so many this week. 

 Do leave me a comment if you want specific details on stamps or inks that have been used on this spread.

Wishing you all a great week ahead 
Jo xx

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