Planner Girl Collective - Current Planner Set Up

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Planner Girl Collective - Current Planner Set Up

This weeks post is all about our respective set ups.  This has come a rather fortuitous time as I am currently in the middle of changing my set up.

Those of you in the know will have read previously that I resented paying loads of money to import a planner from the US so, had in fact started to make my own inserts. 

joanna`s planner,hand crafted,inserts,a5

However, I am very lucky and was gifted a fabulous pack of planner goodies from a friend in the States who was feeling my pain.  She sent me both A5 IWP inserts (IWP being my planner of choice) and a Recollections horizontal.  They arrived a few weeks ago and I have done nothing but look at them and stroke them (I think this is a mad planner thing).  I was getting the same feeling you get when faced with a beautiful sheet of good quality unsullied white paper.

But.....I digress

I decided it was time to man up and use at least one of the new planners, the other I will save for next year and will invest in some re-dating stickers.  I am very much a one planner girl and am in love with my Malden.  


So how to make the recollections fit.  My first plan was to remove a few of the inserts and fit in to my Filofax as is.  Unfortunately everything was a bit too big.  The pages barely fit but the dividers with tabs stuck out way to far.


The next plan was to trim off the coil holes and then punch to fit.  This was way more successful.  the pages are still clearly bigger than the A5 they protrude further but with the holes taken off even the dividers fit nicely. 

recollections-planner-cut-to -fit-A5

 If I had decided to use a Carpe Diem either page system would have worked as the binder is definitely larger than the other A5 products on the market.  However, the quality is not Malden quality.  It really depends on your outlook as to which system you would choose

I have to say I am really impressed with the quality of the paper in the Recollections planner.  I haven`t actually stamped on it yet but it feels as though it will hold up well.  Looking forward to April and my new layouts.

hope you all have a great week  Jo x

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