Decorative Planner Stamping - Joanna`s Planner - Just for You


Decorative Planner Stamping - Joanna`s Planner - Just for You

This week I thought I would play with some stamping techniques in my planner and I have chosen to use this delightful set from Stampin` Up.  It is called `Just For You` 

and can be ordered in the UK here.  It is a beautiful and inspirational set that has many applications but I have decided to use it in the planner on my birthday week.



First of all I masked off the area I wanted to decorate with `post it` notes and then I stamped the dancing girl.

Another dancing girl was stamped on to another `post it` note and cut to closely fit the outline of the original stamp.  This was then placed over the original image to protect it from Ink.
A moon mask was cut using a circular punch and another `post it` note.  This one was stuck gently over the girls head.  This is where I wanted to protect the white paper so that we could have a lovely glowing moon.

At this point I am thinking that I need to buy shares in the `post it` note company.

And then it is time for the inky mess...using a make up sponge two shades of blue ink were sponged carefully over the masks to create the night sky.  As I worked below the feet I faded out the blue a little so that it would not compete with the sentiment.  Using a patterned background stamp I then stamped over the area to give texture

When I was happy I took the moon mask off and lightly sponged with yellow ink.  I then removed the girl mask and added some light shading with coloured pencil....
et voila.

The borders were stamped with the same background stamp to tie the whole spread together.  I do wish, with hindsight that I had done a step by step...if you would like to see one please leave a comment at the bottom and if there is some interest I will try and do a little video.

stamping-up-planner-joanna-just for you

And then of course it is time for functional planner stamping

It is my birthday this week (shameless plug) all presents gratefully received lol.  I wanted something to mark the day but nothing that would take the impact away from the stamped piece.  I have chosen to use the balloons from the Sweet Stamp Shop Elephant set which is sadly now retired.  However, balloons are quite common and crop up in many stamp sets, so reasonably easy to replicate.  Sadly I didn`t have any number stamps so these were created using a stencil (one of those cheap, been around for years, alpha ones you can find in stationers) and a little bit of pen work.

just for you-birthdayy-week-joanna

The month and `weekend` are stamped with Studio L2E tall and skinny alphas.  Looking through the other stamps I have used there seems to be a lot of SSS this week and I have cracked out my Rupert Tracker as it is time I made a note of my symptoms so that when my consultant asks how I am I will actually have some useful information. But don`t hold your breath lets see how that one progresses.

I am looking forward to a lovely Italian birthday lunch with my daughter tomorrow, and a family dinner later in the year but more of that another time.  Hope you all have a great `hump` day.
Jo x

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