Decorative Planner Stamping - Giraffe Printables

Decorative Planner Stamping - Giraffe Printables

Decorative Planner Stamping - Giraffe Printables - Joanna`s Planner


So, check this out.....

Those of you that follow me on a regular basis will know that I often use digital stamps on my layouts as they are cheap, easily obtained and can be easily resized to whatever planner you are using.

Whilst perusing some of my favourite digital image sites I came across a designer (scrappers delights) who is selling a complete digital planner kit that can be accessorized with add on kits.

This opens up a whole new area of planning for me, and one that people who are used to using digital media will have a great deal of fun using. Of course I had to give it a go and I have to say I am pleasantly surprised

planner-kit-printable-scrappers delight-joanna`s-plannerscrappers-delight-giraffe-printable-planner

This spread features the basic planner printable which instead of A5 is the slightly bigger US size of a Happy Planner and I can honestly say it is a fabulous size, although a little out of my comfort zone at the moment.  All my purposed planner stamps fit this spread with no masking and there is plenty of space for decorating.  I particularly like the boxes which are bigger than I am used to...  I had to buy an add on kit as well just to play with lol....well there has to be some advantage to being off work sick. 

Lots of elements were included and I understand they can be layered up and printed but I am not a digital genius so printed my bits out on sticker paper which were coloured with pencils and applied in the usual way.  I have finally cracked out the Carpe Diem binder I bought last year when I was considering uncoiling/binding a Happy Planner and punching to fit a binder system.  


I have long wanted to play with this size planner and am really happy with the way this printed.  I am hoping to print out on another one on watercolour paper to play with.  Having achieved planner peace I am now so torn between these two sizes.  Next question is Polaroid Zip or Canon Selphy?

Want more information?  have a look at
Scrappers Delights

Giraffe Kit


  1. Hi Jo,
    This is an awesome blog/website. I love how you talk about your planner and from briefly hitting some of the labels, I can see, that maybe you can inspire me to start and decorate one too, but for now, I'm busy trying to catch up on my pencil classes, but I'll save the link and go have a look now and again.
    Keep the pages coming, please :-)
    Hugs. Kirsten

    1. Thank you Kirsten for your input. I have some ideas I want to know me I am still a teacher at heart. So now I have decent broadband speeds I am hoping to do some videos too...

  2. Oh these are so cute I love giraffes and what a fantastic idea to do a calendar!! Thanks for sharing

    1. Thank you for taking the time to comment. Glad you enjoyed him jo x