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I have been a little remiss in writing PGC blog posts of late.  Mostly due to the ongoing issues of blogger, IOS, and incredibly poor internet access at home.  However, things are on the up.  

finally managed to link my iPad and PC without all the faff of uploading photos to another site before inserting them in to the blog...and the incredibly exciting news that fibre optic broadband has arrived in rural Suffolk.  Pennygate Towers is due for upgrade on Wednesday the 1st of March. Speeds of 1-2 MGbs will increase to a previously unheard of 50 something MGbs (allegedly).  To say I am excited would be an understatement...I can't really take it all in..Just how much is this going to improve my online presence..

or, how much more can I bug you with my musings and planner ideas?  lol

So back to the subject in hand...what can't I live without.  Now we have dealt with broadband I am assuming the girls are talking planner related items and of course this is quite difficult because I use nothing but the planner basics.  My layouts are currently homemade and mocked up in MS word,  my decoration is completed with craft things from around my craft room.  My only really planner purposed items are my planner stamps, oh and the actual binder which in my case is currently a Kingfisher blue A5 Malden (an extravagance I admit but the money I have saved by not buying more than one planner is more than enough to fund a beautiful binder).

Now, planner stamps....

I have a variety of these that I have bought from a number of suppliers.  Main criteria being easy of acquisition when living in the UK.  Or, reasonable mailing costs because I am ever the savvy planner and I resent paying import duty on expensive shipping charges.
My absolute favourite are my Studio L2E stamps.   These are really great basic starter stamps that are value for money and get used week after week.  Primarily sized for a `Happy Planner` sized layout they have always worked well in my A5.


I originally investment was two sets  'list it' and 'plan it' and to be fair there is not a week goes by when I do not use one of these stamp sets.  I also have a few more of the more specialised ones but these are the ones I come back to time and time again.

TIny Stamps Big Plans (on Etsy) make the most stupendous tiny stamps.  Really very detailed and probably the best stamps for the smaller planner.  Rowena who owns this Etsy shop is so helpful, prices are good and shipping is not too bad either.  The great thing about these stamps was the option for personalisation, which meant I had access to stamps I could not acquire elsewhere...such as `Chub Club` for Slimming World nights (equally adaptable to Weight Watchers or whatever), `Audrey 2` to remind me that it is time to
feed my sourdough and the most delightful sloth to celebrate 'Sloth Sunday'.


The other are my medical and vet stamps from Sweet Stamp Shop...sadly being a bit of a spoonie I do need to track appointments and symptoms.. The SSS stamps always bring a smile to my face and make a miserable tracking experience fun and light hearted.  I can certainly recommend Ram Bun and the Rupert Tracker for light hearted tracking of symptoms/moods/jobs etc


What do you feel are your are your 'cannot live without items'?

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