Planner Girls Collective - 2016 Overview

Planner Girls Collective - 2016 Overview & 2017 set up

Planner Girls Collective - 2016 Overview & 2017 set up - Jo Whight- Joanna`s Planner

Who are the Planner Girls Collective (PGC)?  Remember Confessions of a Plannerholic?  Well, we are the same group with a few new additions, a new name and some exciting new topics for the new year.

2016 was not the best year in my life but started well with my combination of Filofax and IWP A5 inserts.

The IWP inserts were great, the paper quality was good and there was a lot of provision for Goal Setting..the only downside was that they were available in the horizontal format only.  I had previously been using the `personal planner UK` in the vertical layout so moving horizontal was a real challenge.


However, the looser style lent itself really well to planner decoration and as most of you know I am primarily a stamper not a sticker person.  Half way through the year I wanted more structure so used a pen or thin washi to create a break half way across the page.  In this example I have used a stamp to add a faux washi line.  This gave the layout more of a boxy feel.  Think vertical layout running across the page,


By October/November I knew I was not going to be buying these inserts again mainly due to the cost which had increased, the exchange rate, and the shipping fees.  In addition this years inserts had a vertical stripe running through the middle of the horizontal boxes in the colour choice of the month. I really could not justify the expense on inserts so I decided to make my own.

Being an older planner I am a bit IT challenged but I came up with what I would describe as a quarter layout.  It took a while to get used too but was good for decorating purposes.  However, it did not lend itself well to sub-division.  It did however, really maximise available space.



I persevered with this layout until the end of the year in an attempt to get comfortable with it for 2017.

When I first started with IWP I was not too sure about the goal setting but actually it worked really well because despite my world being turned upside down in June with my hubs being off long term sick I still managed to achieve about 90% of my goals. Being able to reflect on these goals has been a really positive experience because I actually achieved more than I would have thought.  Previously I would have been quite negative about the year but seeing what I actually achieved in the face of adversity was great.


As I am setting up for this year I stole a few ideas from the BuJo community to make my own Goal setting pages.  However, I am still looking for away to document the achievements of 2016.  It seems strange not to move in to a prepared planner but this year my planner will be more organic and develop on a week by week basis.  It will be interesting to see how it grows

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