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Where oh where to start with this particular subject.  Inspirational quotes are fabulous for getting ourselves through the year, for focusing on all the positives no matter how small and making them bigger in our minds than the negatives that will bring us down.

They encourage us to focus on our goals and achievements in order to be the best we can be...

Now my favourite reality quote is;

 `shit happens and then we die`

However, with the best will in the world this cannot be described as inspirational but it is important and it is there for when all else fails.

Another important quote and my absolute favourite was from Albus Dumbledore;

`Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times if only one remembers to switch on the light`

Inspirational quotes however, are about switching on the light bulb.

Last year I had an Inkwell Press planner and each monthly divider had a quote on.  It was really helpful to see these on a daily basis.  Because they were pre-chosen some of them were new to me and were definitely thought provoking.  However, this year I am using my own homemade planner sheets and a bit of inspiration from the bullet journallers.

Therefore, I am on the search for inspirational quotes that can be used in my planner.  Pinterest and Google are a huge source of quotes.  I really like those that are motivational because it is so easy sometimes to just let things go.

`Life begins at the end of your comfort zone`,
`Strive for progress not perfection`.

or, those that remind me to care for myself

`Be gentle with yourself, you are doing the best you can`,
`A strong person is not the person who does not cry.  A strong person is the one who cries and sheds tears for a moment; then gets up and fights again`.

or, ones that remind me to care for others

`One kind word can make another persons day,
Hope is stronger than fear`,
`Laughter is the sun that drives the winter from peoples faces`.

Looking through inspirational quotes and picking out our favourites really tell us where we are in life.  Not only are they motivational but they are also reflective.  The quotes I pick today may be very different to those I pick next week.  Why not try this exercise yourself and see what you can learn.

hope you all have a fabulous week

Jo x

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