Joanna`s Planner - Inspiration Week 2 - Scrappers Delight


Joanna`s Planner - Inspiration Week 2 - Scrappers Delight

This week is Inspiration Week #2 in the Scrappers Delight digital planner.  For clarification this digital planner is a printable.  Different elements can be added to the basic planner using a graphics programme such as Pic Monkey before printing off. 

 I however, print off the base planner and stick to the more traditional methods of decorating using assorted planner stamps, inking techniques and decorative stamps to achieve the look I am after.


Now on the the subject of looks, this look is totally different to the planner page with the Genie theme.  If you read my previous blog post you will know I wasn`t too happy with the day stamps as I felt they were too big and intrusive on the spread.  As a reaction to that I have used a much softer colour scheme and have chosen to use smaller functional stamps.  These are from the usual suppliers and I will add the links below.  The balloons to celebrate my mums birthday are hand drawn and totally inspired by the sassy club stamp set that I haven`t ordered as yet....

Keeping to a limited palette of more muted colours has also resulted in a more soothing spread lol  If you look closely you will see the focus is on more inky techniques.  I have used versamark to resist the ink around the edge before over stamping with the same image.  This technique has also been used in the feature boxes.  Keeping the decoration simple will allow me to write over those decorative boxes and the inking will just become part of the background.


The main image this week is the same one  used on a new dashboard a few weeks ago.  It is called  Chastity Steampunk 2  I really like this image and it works really well with the muted colour pallette. .  I am not sure it would suit a brights but there are some clever people out there who would probably  make this work beautifully.


Hope you are all having fun with your own planners
Jo x

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Planner Girl Collective - My Monthlies

Planner Girl Collective - My Monthlies - Joanna`s Planner

Well this title certainly made me chuckle.  The girls this week are looking at their monthly spreads.

Joanna's Planner - Recollections - Kitty Spread


This week in my recollections planner features a kitty theme.  It all started with the arrival of happy mail from the US.


Receipt of this amazing package with cat goodies from the SASSY CLUB (discount code below) and SWEET STAMP SHOP  influenced this weeks choice of image from SATURATED CANARY (aka Krista Leigh Smith).


  I have again continued the purple theme by using purple in the clothing and co-ordinating the washi to match.  The lovely meow washi was a RAK from one of the lovely ladies on 'Kittens Who Plan', and it has just finished the look.


I have used a 'catitude' image from the Sassy Club...I have to say that I love these stamps.  The line work is super, it strikes the right balance between fine and heavy.  I have also used some of the small images as accents.  I really want to use the whole set on an entire spread but I will have to put that on my to-do list for the time being...which is now another to do.  Make a spread wish list lol.

As usual I have used functional stamps from the usual suppliers. 

(10% discount is available if you use my referral code

Planner Girl Collective - My Planning Style - Joanna's Planner

To be honest I would not have said I had a particular style but as I look back over my earlier spreads I can certainly see a style developing.  It took about a year to hit the groove that seems to work for me.


I am aware that some 'planners' look down on the decorative style of planning but I am very much an each to his you a hard core pen and paper planner to a very decorative art journaler I love and gain inspiration from each of you.

Joanna's Planner - Genie - Scrappers Delight


Joanna's Planner - Genie - Scrappers Delight

This weeks Genie spread features a Scrapper's Delights digital genie on the new digital planner pages.  I have shown a few of these digital pages before but this is the first week I will actually be using the spread to see how I feel about it.

Joanna`s Planner - Planner Kit #1 - Scrappers Delight


Joanna`s Planner - Planner kit#1 - Scrappers Delights

This week amongst other things I have been trying out the dedicated planner decoration kits that are being designed to specifically fit the Scrappers Delight digital planner.  

Planner Girl Collective - My Journey

Planners - My Journey - Joanna`s Planner

 This is the theme we have been allocated this week and it has certainly made me think.

'Planners' are certainly very popular right now and are used in many ways.  From life planning through to Journaling they are being adapted by all those who use them.

Joanna`s Planner - Steam Punk - Dashboard

Joanna`s Planner - Steam Punk - Dashboard

Time for a planner update.


  I found this fabulous image on the scrappers delight site and was taken with it right away.  Had no idea what I was going to do with it but it became blindingly clear when I had a go at hot foiling.

The Decorated Planner - April Showers - Joanna`s Planner


The Decorated Planner April Showers - Joanna`s Planner

This week features a fun April design from Scrappers Delight in my Recollections planner  The image is currently available free and can be found here....why not have a go and post your creation.  The design was just right for this month in the UK....last week we had a heatwave and I got sunburnt.  This week it is miserable, cold and raining.


The design was printed on to sticker paper and coloured with alcohol markers before being cut out and applied over a pre-inked background.  Once applied raindrops were added for effect.


Planner stamps this week are my usual functional stamps.  However, I have used a couple of my new Mama Elephant `little cat agenda` stamps which are just right for planners.  I seem to have a few things already in my planner even though I have a few days off.  Lots of social media stuff and a new planner dashboard.  I dont know about you but my planner is always a work in progress and this year more so than usual as I am trying all sorts of new things out.  next is the dutch door technique for more space.


The fabulous Washi at the top was from Doodlebug Designs.  I have a feeling the grass Washi was by the same company, although I have had that one hanging around for a couple of years.  The sentiment was stamped using those tiny letter stamps on wooden blocks that cost about a £1 or a $1 depending on where you live.  They have been coloured up with pencils to follow the rainbow theme.  Doodlebug washi is available in the UK from PaperMaze

This week I am going to be on tenterhooks as I am waiting for a big package of stamps to be shipped over from the US.  I opened one of those Mailing boxes that allow you to consolidate orders and send in one package.  Well, it left the depot about 10 days it is on the way assuming USPS reliability.  It will be interesting to see how it goes and how much it will actually cost but that is for another post.

hoping you all have a fabulous week

Jo x

Joanna`s Planner - Inspiration Week 1 - Scrappers Delight

Joanna`s Planner - Inspiration Week 1 - Scrappers Delight


A whole new adventure begins this week.  I have been asked to design some spreads for a UK based digital scrapbooking company called Scrappers` Delights.  Janice from Scrappers Delights reached out as she felt we had a similar vision for a planner that could be used for a multitude of art, journaling, planning, and memory keeping needs.

Instead of being limited by a conventional planner the SD planner allows you to print off  an entire planner with all the goodies to paper, card or watercolour card.  Whatever best suits your medium and/or can find it here

This mermaid layout is for inspiration.  The weekly spread is from the bigger of the two kits available and the mermaid is a separately obtainable digital stamp here.  If you are good with your IT skills, using layering techniques it is possible to amalgamate digital images and create your own unique planner by that method.  However, my IT skills are limited so I have chosen to use my normal techniques which involve stamping, printing and colouring with alcohol markers


The mermaid here was sized in Microsoft word and printed on to sticker paper so that I could safely colour using alcohol markers.  The background to the mermaid however, was just lightly sponged with a blue dye ink and the background bubbles applied with a `Paper Artsy` stamp

On the preceding page I have used a whole an array of stamps from companies such as
Lawn Fawn, Studio L2E and Tiny Stamps Big Plans.  The Washi was just right for this project, it was gifted to me as a sample and now I want more lol.


As you might have noticed this week remains undated because at the planning stage I totally forgot it was Easter week  #plannerfail
In the next few weeks we will show you some of the purpose made planner kits that have been created to complement the basic planner.


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Hoping you all have a fabulous holiday weekend and a good week ahead
Jo x

Joanna`s Planner - Easter Daffodils - Planner Fail


Joanna`s Planner - Easter - Daffodils

Well this weeks plans had better be an improvement on last weeks epic planner fail.  As they say `The best laid plans of mice and men`...............(apologies to Robert Burns)

The Decorated Planner - Recollections - Joanna`s Planner


The Decorated Planner - Recollections - Joanna`s Planner

This week I have a bit of a change as I am moving across to a `Recollections` planner.  The layout is bigger than I am used to using.  So, in order to make it fit my A5 Filofax, major surgery was required.

Plan With Me - Dragons Part 2 - Joanna`s Planner


Plan With Me - Dragons Part 2 - Joanna`s Planner

This weeks planner spread is all about dragons`s. 

You may have seen my part 1 post, THE DRAGON COLOURING TUTORIAL  now it is time to put the dragons in to use and use them in a spread.

Colouring Tutorial - Dragons Part 1 - Joanna`s Planner


Joanna`s Planner - Colouring Tutorial - Dragons

This week I have been working on something a little different.  I wanted to show you how I colour some of the images we planners like to use to decorate.  

 Do you want to have a go?

Planner Girl Collective - Current Planner Set Up

planner-set up-pgc-planner-girls

Planner Girl Collective - Current Planner Set Up

This weeks post is all about our respective set ups.  This has come a rather fortuitous time as I am currently in the middle of changing my set up.

Those of you in the know will have read previously that I resented paying loads of money to import a planner from the US so, had in fact started to make my own inserts. 

The Decorated Planner - Snowdrops - Joanna`s Planner

The Decorated Planner - Snowdrops - Joanna`s Planner

This week has been a bit manic, well a lot manic as far as social media has been concerned.  Since my all singing all dancing internet connection has gone live I have been on a mission to have a go at all the things I have wanted to do with my blog.  This weeks focus has been on filming my first tutorial.  

What I thought would be relatively simple has turned in to a long job for which I currently require an IT savvy five year old.......

The Decorated Planner - Hey Chick -Joanna`s Planner


Joanna`s Planner - Hey Chick - The Decorated Planner

This week`s planner features the `Hey Chick` stampset from Stampin` Up which can be obtained free of charge during Salebration which finishes at the end of the month 

Decorative Planner Stamping - Joanna`s Planner - Just for You


Decorative Planner Stamping - Joanna`s Planner - Just for You

This week I thought I would play with some stamping techniques in my planner and I have chosen to use this delightful set from Stampin` Up.  It is called `Just For You` 

Planner Girls Collective - An Updated Wish List

Planner Girls Collective - An Updated Wish List - Joanna`s Planner

Image may contain: text

Do you have a wish list?  Well, it is Monday and time for the Planner Girl Collective  (PGC) to post again.  This week it is about `Wish Lists`.  I believe the other girls are updating their current wish lists.  Up to this point I really haven`t had much of a list because on the whole if I want something I make it.  I really resent import duties so doing it yourself takes on a whole new meaning.

Decorative Planner Stamping - Giraffe Printables

Decorative Planner Stamping - Giraffe Printables

Decorative Planner Stamping - Giraffe Printables - Joanna`s Planner


So, check this out.....

Those of you that follow me on a regular basis will know that I often use digital stamps on my layouts as they are cheap, easily obtained and can be easily resized to whatever planner you are using.

Whilst perusing some of my favourite digital image sites I came across a designer (scrappers delights) who is selling a complete digital planner kit that can be accessorized with add on kits.

A New Look - Pennygate Crafts - Joanna`s Planner

A New Look - Pennygate Crafts - Joanna`s Planner

Oh, I am so excited.  The sun is shining and my broadband has just been upgraded.  I can`t tell you how exciting this is.  


So, off with the old and on with the new...

I spent a lot of time yesterday and a fair bit today totally upgrading my blog.  I have given it a more appropriate name as it never really got used as a craft blog.  It has a brand spanking new URL of its very own, and a bright fresh new look.

I am hoping to be able to use it a bit more now to show some plan with me`s and tutorials now I actually have some upload speed.  So, hang on to your hats more to follow............

Planner Girls Collective - Planner Essentials - What I Can`t Live Without

Image may contain: text

Planner Girls Collective - What I Can`t Live Without - Joanna`s Planner - The Decorated Planner

I have been a little remiss in writing PGC blog posts of late.  Mostly due to the ongoing issues of blogger, IOS, and incredibly poor internet access at home.  However, things are on the up.  

Decorative Planner Stamping - Valentine`s Week

Decorative Planner Stamping - Valentine`s Week


Decorative Planner Stamping - Valentine`s Week - Joanna`s Planner

A gooey pink spread from me this week.  I really couldn`t resist.  The frog on the lily pad is a colouring page I found when searching for the right Valentines image.  I wanted something fun and as I like frogs...well here we go!

Decorative Planner Stamping - Inky Messes

Decorative Planner Stamping - Inky Messes


Decorative Planner Stamping - Joanna`s Planner- Inky Messes

The end of January, beginning of February saw a couple of inky spreads.  It is always good to try new techniques and new media, even when things go wrong.

Decorative Planner Stamping - Hot Chocolate

Decorative Planner Stamping - Hot Chocolate


Decorative Planner Stamping - Hot Chocolate - Joanna`s Planner

This spread features a whole new layout which I developed from last weeks vertical spread.  This one is horizontal with boxes

Decorative Planner Stamping - A New Year - 2017

Decorative Planner Stamping - A New Year - 2017

planner-stamping-january-new year

Decorative Planner Stamping - A New Year - 2017- Joanna`s Planner

Well this is it, a New Year a New Planner.  Except this year I have not got a commercial planner but have been making my own inserts using Microsoft Word and a ream of 160 gsm paper from Staples. They very kindly cut it down to A5 size for a very reasonable fee.

Paper has been a pain! I really wanted a good 140 gsm paper which would be similar to last years IWP paper but was unable to locate it here in the UK.  The choice was thinner or thicker.  Given that I wanted the paper for stamping I thought the thicker would be better and opted for a 160gsm product that is just a smidge short of card.  However, this was not necessarily so....I have to say the paper feels fabulous, soft and luxurious but I have had variable results stamping direct to paper.

Week one went really well.  I used an image from Faery Ink, printed on to sticker paper and coloured up using alcohol markers.  The background was lightly sponged with Stampin` Up ink pads.  I have used the 1/4 set up that I started using toward the end of last year.  It is really good for decorating but maybe a bit unstructured for planning.

planner-stamping-new-year-12th night-jo

Week two, Monkey Week (rubber stamp for Kraftin Kimmie).  This week I decided to stamp direct to planner and colour with prismacolor pencils.  This technique worked really well on this paper but if you look closely you will see I have not been doing a lot of actual planning...the mojo is still hibernating.


Week three, a combination of pencils and alcohol inks on sticker paper



 So, what to think?  Do I wish I had opted for the commercial option?  This is a really difficult question to answer.  Here in the UK we have to pay an awful lot to import planners.  That linked with the decrease in the value of the GBP£ and the customs fees that are seldom avoided, meant that buying another IWP would be incredibly expensive...something akin to about $90-$100 and possible more.

I also had the option of a Happy Planner which I could punch to fit my Filofax or the `` which is an A5 Product.

I have used the `Personal Planner` before and whilst I love all the options for personalisation I was unable to buy this planner in an un-punched and un-bound form.  There were a few issues that I did not like and despite enquiry these could not be changed.  However, for European ladies this is a very good option if you like a bound planner.

The Happy Planner is not an A5 product and I don`t have any experience of be honest I am not sure anything would compete with my love of the IWP.

As you know I started playing with inserts last year and started with this quarter layout.  I have now started to experiment with a few other layouts which I will show you shortly.  Making my inserts is really testing my IT skills but hopefully I will achieve `planner peace`.  If not, I will certainly have the option to test drive different layouts and challenge myself to try different decorating styles.

To see how i got on look out for next post on `Inky Messes`

wishing you all a fabulous New Year
Jo xx

Planner girl collective -- quotes

Planner Girl Collective - Quotes - Joanna`s Planner

Where oh where to start with this particular subject.  Inspirational quotes are fabulous for getting ourselves through the year, for focusing on all the positives no matter how small and making them bigger in our minds than the negatives that will bring us down.

Planner Girls Collective - 2016 Overview

Planner Girls Collective - 2016 Overview & 2017 set up

Planner Girls Collective - 2016 Overview & 2017 set up - Jo Whight- Joanna`s Planner

Who are the Planner Girls Collective (PGC)?  Remember Confessions of a Plannerholic?  Well, we are the same group with a few new additions, a new name and some exciting new topics for the new year.