Decorative Planner Stamping - The Wiz

Decorative Planner Stamping - The Wiz


Decorative Planner Stamping - Jo Whight - The Wiz
with a little step-by-step

At pumpkins :)
Whilst I love Halloween and pumpkins they are wearing a bit thin after 6 weeks of pumpkin spreads.
This weeks spread features a stamp called `The Wiz` which is available either from Mo's digital pencil or in rubber form from Stampin` Bella.  I love this image so much I have both lol.

Well actually it was a bit cf an accident that I have both.  I bought the rubber version on Amazon and had it shipped from the US.  A few weeks later I found it was available as a digi image.  Digi images are so much more flexible than rubber stamps as they can be resized and some can be layered.  

I have done a little bit of colouring step by step for you.  Hopefully I will work out a video soon, as I have been getting some instruction from my friends 10 year old.  I am of the generation that thinks all IT should be supplied with a small child that knows how to operate it.

Anyway here goes

Colouring the Wiz

When he was finished he was put to one side

And then I started the spread proper

 Building up the colour...adding a bit of detail to the background.  Applying the wiz and adding my functional stamps.  I am on annual leave this week and so I have very little actually planned.  It is going to be a play it by ear week.



I am still toying with what I will do next year.  A very kind lady in the US has said that she will send me some IWP inserts and I am hoping that all works out.  A big part of me is toying with the idea of a   Planner BuJo hybrid.  I have no idea how it would work but would be more of a continuation of what I have now but taking out the printing.  Hmmmm things to think about

have a great week people  Jo x

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