Decorative Planner Stamping - Witches Brew

Decorative Planner Stamping - Witches Brew


Planner Stamping - Jo Whight - Witches Brew

So, I guess I owe you guys a bit of an apology.  I was going to do a step by step this week but am still working on it.  Taking pictures every few minutes is a real pain when you are in the middle of being creative.  I do have the main image coloured up but it is not as Halloweeny as I would like.  So I am going to save it for next week...However, I may well give you a sneak preview at the end.

This week I have used one of Sherri Baldy`s `Besties`.  I can`t remember what this one was called but it came up under a search for Halloween.  This lady has sooo many digital images available for colouring up.  To be honest I have not found them easy in the past but this one seems to have worked well.  Look, a pumpkin!  This is the 6th week featuring pumpkins lol and the 4th with a Halloween theme.  I think I need a change of direction.

I have utilised the copic and flex marker alcohol pens again...I just love the colour of the brew that is bubbling away.  This combination came from another Halloween image I have been in the throws of colouring for the last year.  One day you might get to see that too.

This week I placed an order for Prismacolor pencils on Amazon...They have been my bargain of the week as I paid (nearly slipped and put a price in there) not a lot for 132 pencils.  You can just see my first use of them in the page flags.  Have to say they are fabulous pencils, really soft and creamy and best of all they really lay down the colour.

So in the planner I have just started a project ideas section so that I can write ideas down when I think of them. Usually I have wonderful ideas but when time is available the ideas have all they are getting their own place.
When Rowena at Tiny Stamps Big Plans (TSBP) does another custom words order I will have to order something especially for this.  If you are interested in these have a look at the Tiny Stamps Big Plans facebook page.

Have you all sorted out next years planner?  I need to get mine sorted as I am leaving it a bit late.  I quite fancy a change of layout but will have to see how it goes.  It would be nice to have different layouts for different months just to keep me on my toes but I have to say I feel a Bujo coming on.  I even printed off some squared paper, but that is as far as it got lol

Functional stamps this week are from TSBP, Sweet Stamp Shop, and Studio L2E...

and here is my cat helping with photography...I have been a bit disappointed with blurry photos lately, which is why i have been playing with different set ups but i have just learnt the problem lies within the blog settings.  Hopefully they are more clear this week.

hope you all have a great week..Jo x

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