Decorative Planner Stamping - After Midnight

Decorative Planner Stamping - After Midnight


Decorative Planner Stamping - Jo Whight - After Midnight
step by step

This week in my IWP/Filofax Combi I had a few issues trying to decide upon a theme.  Something that would fit between last weeks Autumn theme and next week, the start of Halloween month.  Halloween month, I hear you say?  Oh yes! my favourite time of year and my favourite decorations.  Halloween is not widely celebrated here in the UK, certainly not like it is in the US where it is a big event.  So, I like to indulge myself with a `little`, OK, a `lot` of Halloween in my planner.

Anyway back to this week, what could be used between the two themes?  I decided to continue with the pumpkins I love the vibrancy of the orange and the curve of the fruit.  Yes, definitely a little mad.  I also quite like Chinese lanterns for the same reasons, so you will probably see them at some point too.

This image `After Midnight` by Saturated Canary had everything that was needed.  I am aware that Krista is going to be changing her Etsy shop and creating a subscription service soon (this looks like it is in progress at this time). So stocking up on her art work was an essential for me.

I thought I would show you a little bit of the colouring process this time so here is the original image printed on to sticker paper and I have started to colour with Alcohol markers, using a combination of Promarkers and Copics.


You can see the shadow areas are being applied first.

In the next picture I have started on the clothing...I love colouring clothing.  All the folds and pleats are really satisfying when you get them right.

As you can see from the colouring on the bodice here


Next step is to cut the parts of the image I want to use in the planner.  Here the branch is cut away leaving Cinderella and the pumpkin. Next the mouse was cut away as a separate piece.  In this next picture I am just trying out the pieces in my planner.  

I have chosen some Recollections Washi in a shade of blue that picks up the colour from the dress.  I really wanted some orange too but did not have any in the right shade.  So here I have cut away some of the orange from a tri-coloured piece of Halloween Washi but no it doesn`t work.  
More pumpkins would be required to balance the colours instead.


In this picture below I have applied some of my functional planner stamps.  You can see how the blue Washi worked as a hole re-inforcer and as a colour pick up.  I also decided to use some grass Washi just to ground the piece.  The squirrels come from Lawn Fawn `Cheery Christmas`, the broom from the  `Jump For Joy`set and the pumpkins from one of the tiny sets `So Thankful`.

Just love that pumpkin paper clip by the talented Stacy Halabuda at Stacey`s World.


A little close up


The finished piece...and now for the pen 


Hope you all have a wonderful week....Jo x

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