Confessions of a Plannerholic - Autumn

Confessions of a Plannerholic

Things are changing just a little bit in our series of planner blogs...We are going to get upfront and a bit more personal....  We are going to show you what we are getting up to in our planners, and what we are getting up to in our lives.  This is a busy time of year for me as we head in to Autumn as I need to get myself organised for the beginning of my hibernation period.

Autumn photo- photographer unknown

Confessions of a Plannerholic- Jo Whight-Decorative Planner

Autumn is my most favourite time of year.  The kids are back at schools, the days are still warm and hazy but the mornings are crisp and it is a beautiful time to get out with the dog and enjoy the countryside around us.  Sadly my own dog is getting a bit old for extended walks but just recently my daughters dog Benji has decided to have a holiday with us.  I am not sure how long he will be staying but he is settling in, organising life to his liking and generally making himself comfortable.  The battle of the bed has commenced, currently I am losing.


This autumn I have lots in my planner, the other girls refer to it a bucket list...I think of it more as a wish list.  

Number 1.   I would like to go Ballooning.

I bought an `experience` ticket for my husband and I to celebrate our silver wedding anniversary two years ago.  It has been booked 11 times and has been cancelled 11 times due to wind, rain, clouds....fields too wet... For non-UK people,  this is why we are always talking about the weather.  It is always changeable and is always unpredictable, it might be sunny and hot today but may be blowing a gale tomorrow. We will not get final confirmation until 11pm tonight, if it goes ahead we will be flying at 7am tomorrow morning.  I am hoping you will all send good vibes my way...Guess what?  Despite a heatwave here in the East there is too much cloud for ballooning.  Cancelled Again!

Number 2.  Blackberry picking.  

The hedgerows are full of fruit right now and I always leave it too late to go and collect fruit, but this year I have a place in mind that not only has blackberries but also has a quince tree and some apple trees. If I am lucky I will get there in the next week or so.

Number 3. I really don`t want to do.....

We have to take our Walnut Tree down because it is rotten to the trunk and is starting to look unsafe. It is such a shame, it is an old tree and has fathered many more trees on the estate.  We had the tree surgeons in about 10 years ago, they said it would be OK for maybe another couple of years so I suppose I should be grateful we got another 10 years out of it.  It is absolutely full of nuts this year so looking for a good harvest before it finally has to go.  On a positive note I have been cultivating another tree to replace it but this tree is only 3 years old and will need another hundred to reach the size of the one we have now....if you look closely you might spot my 6 month old kitty.


On a more positive note my husband is looking forward to installing a new man cave (shed) on the site of the old walnut...

Number 4.  Get my craft room sorted

The spare room is full of junk that needs to be sorted.  I can then move my craft stuff from the smallest room to the spare room and get more organized.  Currently my craft room is drowning in supplies, books, computers, research work, and is home to the helpline I am currently setting up.  
However, this job can wait until the weather is not so the moment I want to be outside all the time.

Edit *** except for is sooo hot! and sooo humid!

It is nearly time for my planner to get its Autumn/Winter look together.  I have moved from my Aqua Lockwood back to my oiled leather Hampstead Filofax.  just need to sort out my dashboards and dividers, and other decorative pieces.....well that is my week sorted

Hope you all have a fabulous week....normal service, to be resumed shortly
Jo x

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