Confessions of a Plannerholic #7 `My Regrets`

Confessions of a Plannerholic #7 `My Regrets`

Hmmm! A difficult one this as I haven't gone stupid with the buying.  I started with stickers as most people do and very quickly discovered that could be a really expensive game.  I already had a silhouette so the obvious answer was to make my own.

Well......I didn't really have the skills.  I spent hours and hours working it out, designing the layouts and learning to offset cut.  That Silhouette has a life of its own, it is such a temperamental beast.  It was taking me ages each week to design and cut my layout.  As my big computer is in my craft room I was shut away for hours which really was totally impractical.

I am not known for my perseverance in the face of adversity...I had to sort something out.  As a crafter I had lots of stamps and inks, so the obvious was staring me in the face.  If I stamped up I could sit if front of the TV and colour.  Being a spoonie colouring in front of the TV is incredibly relaxing.

My style developed and my colouring skills have certainly developed.
The obvious regret could be the time and effort I put in to sticker making but I really learnt a lot about the software and now use it for all sorts of interesting projects.  I find it far easier than publisher for all sorts of planner tasks so I can't say I regret that.

I think possibly the only thing I have bought and not used is a complete set of Versamagic inks

Planner Stampers said they were the best inks to use.  I thought buying the complete set would get me a good discount, and it did .....But, I just found myself sticking with the Versafine.  I liked the crisp stamping and I just added colour with my colouring pencils.  I think I have probably used about six colours from the Versa Magic collection.  However, I am trying to use them a little more now, so hopefully they will get used.

I have loads of planner stamps and have occasionally found I only use a single stamp from a set.  Custom stamps are expensive but in the long run probably would have been cheaper.
Washi?  Well what can I say? I am sure every planner has is stash of Washi they will never get around to using

Check out this Halloween Washi.  Not sure how I would ever use 10m of the stuff.  I don`t even like it.

The biggest waste of money has got to be this

Not entirely sure what I was thinking but in my defence I only had a few rolls of Washi when I got this `bargain` in TK Maxx.  It is not even worth selling on as it weighs so much.  Look at all that skinny washi!!!!  I spent ages tracking down skinny washi until realisation dawned.  I can cut it on a paper trimmer to what ever width I want....Paper trimmers are definitely good buys.

 Here is another fabulous washi, in fact my first ever washi...couldn`t tell you how much it cost with shipping but trust me I wouldn`t pay that much now.  I used it once as it is a big washi 20 -25mm.  really i need to crack that trimmer out and do a jungle/zoo theme layout at some point.

My 'itching to buy' item would be a full set of Prismacolor, colouring pencils but I already have a full set of Faber castell, a half set of colour soft and a small set of inktense.  Like most crafters I always think the next product will make a huge! I am sitting on my hands.  If I buy them I know I would regret it.

Hope you are all having a fab week...why not have a look at my fellow confessee`s
Jo x

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