Confessions of a Plannerholic #5 the expose

Confessions of a Plannerholic #5 - The Expose

Those Plannerholic ladies have decided that this week we should really talk a bit more about ourselves.  I am not sure how I feel about that...ok, I am terrified, I hate talking about myself!  Why you might ask, is she out and about over social media?  Well, I am happy to share what I do (although I am always a tad embarrassed about the whole planner thing). In fact only one or two of my friends in the non-planner world know I do this, but those two friends are crafters so they totally get the madness of creativity and the need for just one more thing.  Everyone else however, is clueless......lets hope they don't find this by way of Google.

So, about me......thinking of something to write, going to make a coffee...anything to avoid the inevitable.  Those of you who have studied will know how I feel.  It is that moment when you know you have to do an assignment but suddenly washing the kitchen floor suddenly seems like an extremely attractive proposition.

Ok, back again....well I am an older planner lady 'aged to perfection' is one of the Facebook groups I participate in.  Nothing like a bit of gloss on the situation, lol....Well, next year I will achieve the big 'five oh', as will my husband.  I am sort of planning a 100 celebration.

I got my first planner in the 1980's...1986 I think.  Filofax were the designer accessory that everybody had.  No mobile phones then.  If there were, they were those huge great brick things that 'very important people' used to carry about, so that you could tell they were important.  

My first Filofax was a black leather one with a finish a bit like a Finsbury.  It was super expensive then, but then they all were.  Sadly, I have no idea where it may be which is a bit of a shame really.  After I had my daughter everything went on hold...which is nothing unusual but when she was 5 and went to school I decided to go back to Uni and study.  Cue my second Filofax, the oiled leather Hampstead I still use.  I picked it up at a bargain price....I was a student I really couldn't afford much and we were living on my husbands salary.  I think I paid about £20 for it.  I was really chuffed because it should have been around £80....nothing like a bargain lol.

What I learnt from this is the quality of Filofax is worth paying for.  15 years on I am still using it, the rings are as tight as the day I bought it.  Last year my cats got me an Aqua Lockwood for Christmas, another quality planner this time with buffalo leather....I am hoping it lasts another 15 years.

I am still not talking about me though! Am I?

So we know I am old.  I am also a spoonie planner and hang round on the spoonie planner sites although I participate infrequently.  It is nice to know other are there when I am having a crisis.  I do not however, symptom track in my planner.  I have got a thing about not focussing on negativity....I tend to pretend things are not happening until life goes tits up. I suppose I should post a pic. of me.  I hate my pictures especially when I have 'steroid' face.  My dose has been reduced lately to a 'physiological level'. This means the doctors think weight can be lost if you starve yourself....roflmao...they really don't get it.  But I have succumbed....I am back at chub club now.  Looking forward to my smaller wardrobe.

I live with my husband..we have been married 27 years this year...seems like such a long time...seems unbloody believable actually!  We are a bit pet silly.  I have a Staffy who is getting on a bit but still boisterous.  We also have 3 Maine Coon house cats that we dote on, they are totally spoilt cats.  Funnily enough my husband has been working in their catio this weekend installing some more environmental enrichment for them.  We also foster for the UK national charity 'Cat Protection' and I do the welfare work and field calls from people desperate for cats to come in.  This can be really stressful at times.

I work, I am a nurse in GP land but the least said about that the better.  I am always worried about the conflict of interest and the risk of breaching confidentiality if I talk about my work on social media.  So I just don't do it.

I have one daughter, she left home at 17, is now 21 and moving home in the next month or so.  I am expecting this to be a really difficult time as my daughter has Aspergers and really has no consideration for others points of view.  I know it is not a choice thing but boy, it is as frustrating as hell. 

I am really lucky and live in a rural area...the harvesting is on all around me right now, so no peace and quiet this weekend

Hope you don`t find this too boring...have a great week everyone and don`t forget to check out the other confessee`s

Jo x

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