Planner Pages Decorative Stamping - Mermaid Ariel

Planner Pages Decorative Stamping - Jo Whight - Mermaid Ariel


Planner Pages Decorative Stamping - Mermaid Ariel - Under the Sea

This week I decided to follow the theme week in the creative planning group `Under the Sea`.
Themes are a great idea and certainly promote creativity


Not only that but I am really excited as this is the first week I have created my own planner pages.  I have been struggling with this for weeks, as I could not get MS Word to do what I wanted, in the format I wanted.  Every time I think I have it right, the printing lets me down...and then I had a brainwave!  Really can`t think why I hadn`t thought of it before.  I designed my pages using the Silhouette Design Master Software.  Pow! done in an hour.

planner stamping-ariel-little mermaid

So, my feature image this week is by Yam Puff on Deviant Art I really love her artwork and this is her take on `Ariel` the little mermaid, which has been coloured using the Copic alcohol markers. In addition I have used a few of the Lawn Fawn `Mermaid for You` stamps.

Functional stamps are by the usual stamp companies Studio L2E, Tiny Stamps Big Plans and a couple from Sweet Stamp Shop.


I think it will take me a bit of time to get used to the new layout but I do have a couple of versions that i can use for either vertical decoration or horizontal decoration.  I have used a 130gsm paper here.  It is not as good as the paper in my IWP as I have some shadow through, but I plan to go to Staples next week and sort out some better paper.  A ream of 140 or 150 gsm is going to be substantially cheaper than buying a new IWP with shipping.

Shipping and customs is becoming stupidly problematic here in the UK...I had a little package from Sweet Stamp Shop turn up and it cost me £13.00 (approx $20) just to pick up from the Post Office.  That was on top of the cost of the stamps and the shipping.  It is just such a shame we don`t have more stamp makers in the UK.  However, i am going to look at the `Love Cynthia` stamps from France.  We might be `Brexiting` but supporting home grown talent is always good.

have a good week people  xx

keep an eye out Monday for more confessions of a plannerholic

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