Confessions of a Plannerholic - Jo Whight

Confessions of a Plannerholic #2 - Jo Whight


first week this year

So the girls have come with 8 confessions questions and I am going to try and answer them for you without falling about laughing
so without further ado...

1, What is my favourite planner, Well I confess to being a one planner girl, and I am currently using Inkwell Press A5 inserts in my Aqua Lockwood Filofax. I love the IWP inserts for the quality of paper...they are 140 gsm which means I can give them a serious amount of abuse with inks and nothing shadows through to the other side.  However, next year I face a I pay the astronomical mailing/customs fees from the US or do I do something else?  I like the Personal Planner from Sweden and used this last year.  However, it was an effort to unbind it and re-punch. Ideally they would offer either a 6 hole punched version or even an un-punched unbound version but sadly the answer to that is no.
So, the answer for me is to design and print my own and I am trying that out at the moment.


IWP inserts

2, What is the name of my planner...well what can I say?  ROFLMAO....The simple answer is no!  Really?  Do people actually do this?  I think I am getting too old! but the name Harriet has a certain amount of appeal


3, What are my favourite accessories?  Other than my stamps?  Well that would be any that have special meaning.  Either I have made them myself or, they have been gifted to me.  I do like handcrafted planner clips and have a couple of really spectacular ones from Stacey at Stacey`s world.  I am going to have to give this polymer clay stuff a go at some point.


4.  Top tip?  Plan your planning time...decorating my planner may seem frivolous but it is my relaxation time.  I have a couple of hours on a Thursday afternoon and that is it.  All the tasks are entered through the week as life has a habit of throwing curve balls.


5.  Why planners?  Well I could witter on about this for ages but in a nutshell...scrapbooking was a bit arduous.  I really wanted to art journal but big pieces of white paper are scary, so I tried Project Life...I managed 2 pages as I am lax at taking photos.  i have however, collected enough jounaling cards to last the rest of my these ones though.  The Americans would call them sassy.  I just think they appeal more to the British market.  What do you think?  Cheese or reality? 

 On one of my craft pages someone posted about the EC (Erin Condren) it got me interested, but the price was high for something I wasn`t 100% sure I would commit to, So I started to look in to it seriously...That is when I discovered how beautiful planners could be.  Mini works of art...and if they go wrong?  So, next week you are on to something else, and as a bonus I get to organise myself too.  Being a `spoonie` planner memory issues are often a problem.  However, I am not a tracker lol.

6.  Desert island items?  My cats, my hubster, a planner, a magic wand, and plenty of planner `stuff`, that should cover most eventualities.

7.  In the event of a `Zombie Apocalypse` and only having access to one store...Hmmmm!  Possibly `Hobby Craft`.  Yes, it is a bit basic but they have a little of everything.  You could get paper, card, washi, pens, pencils, paints...or my favourite, `Pinnacle Crafts` at Barleylands in Essex but that is not technically a stationery store...and it doesn`t carry washi yet.

8.  I don`t know who thought of these questions....but???
So, I win a million pounds on the lotto what three things do I buy and why.  This a totally hypothetical question because frankly I can`t be arsed to do the lotteries.  However, if someone were to buy me a winning ticket....
Well I would invest in or buy the Personal Planner Company and offer unbound un-punched planners or, a six ring punched  That would sort a lot of issues out.
I would love a few really nice A5 Filofaxes or, I have seen some absolutely fabulous hand painted Dori`s on Etsy
Number three.....could I afford world peace?  probably pay the mortgage off

Have a great week

Jo x

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