Confessions of a Plannerholic #3 or 4

Confessions of a Plannerholic #3 or 4


And so another confession session...what have I been up to?

This week has been another manic week as my husband is still off work and it is seriously eating in to my play and planning time.  I feel kind of obliged to be doing things with him (don`t get me wrong I love spending time with the hubs).  However, I do feel guilty if I disappear in to my craft room for any length of time.  My leisurely Thursday planner afternoons with a film has become a rushed on a Saturday/Sunday event, with my blog following a week later.  This is why I missed last weeks confession.

The weather here in the UK has been stupidly hot with the temperatures rising from about 20 degrees last week to 34 degrees this week.  Not sure what that is in Farenheit but believe me it is hot. I have had a great time...I have been to Ikea, I have been to Lakeside shopping and today we popped up to Norwich for the essential twice yearly visit to Bravissimo.  For those of you in the know Bravissimo is a god send...For those of you totally unaware...It is a shop for us `big in the chest department` girls.  My husband thinks it is fabulous, they have a man cave filled with man related magazines and he can watch ladies go in and out to his hearts content.

And I still haven`t fessed up to this weeks big spend...those of you who hang around on the UK planner sites may remember talk of the `Filofax Sale`.  Well sometime overnight last Friday I was mailed a series of codes...the best one being a 40% of a purchase of  >£100.  Well, it got me thinking...I quite like the new Maldens, and I only have a couple of planners. And, well....there must be some advantage to my insomnia.  So at 3 in the morning I was looking at the A5 Malden`s in Kingfisher and Fuschia.  Sadly there were no Kingfisher available but I do have my Aqua Lockwood and they may have been quite similar.  But.....


Look what turned up on Tuesday Morning.  My new A5 Fuschia Malden that I aquired for an excellent do I use it? or admire it?
I am on the whole all about using my planners, but I am not sure that others drag their planners all over the place with them and give them the abuse that I do...I do think other planners tend to treat their babies with a little love and respect.  So, for the time being I am in admiration mode.

which brings me to this weeks questions...once again the `plannerholic` fiends have come up with a series of questions.

#1  how many planner do I own...well, one more now roflmao

I have my A5 oiled leather Hampstead I bought in about 2002
The Aqua Lockwood my cats got me for Christmas last year
An A5 Purple Malden as yet unused as i am enjoying the Aqua Lockwood...this was a bargain from one of the UK selling sites
The new A5 Fuschia Malden
and an A5 cheap planner from paperchase...I think it cost me about £4.  I  use it to file my old pages even though it is lovely in its own right.


#2 What is my favourite pen?  well that would be my Cross fountain pen that the Hubs bought for me about 15 years ago.  However, I tend not to use it in my planner as I do like a finer point for detailing and drawing. I love the Staedtler fine liners but even the Tesco own brand are good.  I really love Sakura micron but they are too good for scribbling in my planner I tend to use them for Zentangle


#3  Do you have a favourite theme?  This is my question and now I am wondering what the hell I was thinking.  As you know I love decorating my planner with stamping but other people like to BuJo.  some like to use stickers.  Some are no white space planners, others are lots of white space planners.

#4 How many rolls of washi?  better count up...37 skinnies and this little lot.  TBH I don`t buy skinnies now.  I just cut the bigger tapes down on my paper trimmer

#5 Stickers or Washi?  Well.....sticker paper would be my answer because I do most of my colouring on inages stamped to sticker paper.  Even the best planner paper will not support alcohol ink markers.

# Discs, Rings or Coils?  Definitely a ring lady...I have been pretty faithful to Filofax since I got my first one at the end of the 1980`s.  Sadly I seem to have lost that one.  I tried the coiled Personal Planner but after a couple of weeks it got uncoiled punched and inserted in a Filofax.

Why not have some fun and have a look at the other plannerholic blogs.

Emma and Vicky...your links have a mind of their own

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