Decorative Planner Stamping - Harry Potter

Decorative Planner Stamping - Harry Potter


Decorated Planner Pages - Jo Whight - Harry Potter

This week my planner spread has a Harry Potter theme inspired by Harry's Birthday and the release of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.  I am not however, going to get my copy at midnight...way to old for that sort of malarkey.


I am actually quietly pleased with this weeks spread....last week I was trying something different. This week I have amalgamated last weeks style with my comfort style.  I have also tried to take more photos this week so that you can see how the spread developed.  

In the beginning was the is always about Washi lol.  I had seen this tape about but could not find any to buy until I discovered the Washi Fairy Godmother.  I ordered a few samples and was really excited when this one arrived.  However, I looked at it and couldn't see how I could work it in until I was looking at last weeks spread.  It became obvious...the whole spread had to be sepia.


The base of the spread was randomly sponged with vintage photo Distress ink.  I masked each box in turn to add the distress stamping around the edge.  The stamps I used were from Sheena Douglas and also work well in art journaling, although any grunge type stamps would work just as well.  I needed my boxes relatively clear as I use my planner.  It need functional stamping and room for me to write a small essay.


The piece came alive as the Washi was added to the bottom of the page, it was already looking good.


Then it was time for the artwork, the colouring and the fussy cutting


 The Main 'Harry' image was a digi stamp from Mo's digital pencil. The nice thing about this image is that not only is available in boy or girl, it is also available as children of colour. She also has a fabulous image called 'The Wiz' which I am itching to do something with.  'Harry' has been coloured with alcohol markers on sticker paper.  Hedwig was a random owl image from an online colouring page that has been resized and coloured with a couple of grey alcohol markers to preserve his white appearance.

The webs and the spiders are from a UK company called Card-io.  They do some fabulous small nature images.  You may have seen their snails on earlier layouts.


 Functional planner stamps this week are mostly from Studio L2E (as are the books),  I always come back to their stamps they are just so versatile.  My brush work related stamps and the dates are custom stamps from Tiny Stamps Big Plans.  Rowena runs a fabulous monthly stamp club that is well worth joining.  I have been looking for proper date stamps for a while.  There are not many out there...most are 0 - 9.  I am a bit lazy and just wanted the actual dates.  They will be used on a weekly basis because I always struggle with the US numbering.  August found me hunting for the first weeks pages as mine started on the 8th....sad really.

I have lots more to add to this spread I think it will be very busy by the end of the week.  I have just noticed my hydration stamp is missing and I would like to do some llama lettering under the symbol on the right hand page.

hope you all have a wonderful week 

Jo x

Confessions of a Plannerholic #3 or 4

Confessions of a Plannerholic #3 or 4


And so another confession session...what have I been up to?

This week has been another manic week as my husband is still off work and it is seriously eating in to my play and planning time.  I feel kind of obliged to be doing things with him (don`t get me wrong I love spending time with the hubs).  However, I do feel guilty if I disappear in to my craft room for any length of time.  My leisurely Thursday planner afternoons with a film has become a rushed on a Saturday/Sunday event, with my blog following a week later.  This is why I missed last weeks confession.

The weather here in the UK has been stupidly hot with the temperatures rising from about 20 degrees last week to 34 degrees this week.  Not sure what that is in Farenheit but believe me it is hot. I have had a great time...I have been to Ikea, I have been to Lakeside shopping and today we popped up to Norwich for the essential twice yearly visit to Bravissimo.  For those of you in the know Bravissimo is a god send...For those of you totally unaware...It is a shop for us `big in the chest department` girls.  My husband thinks it is fabulous, they have a man cave filled with man related magazines and he can watch ladies go in and out to his hearts content.

And I still haven`t fessed up to this weeks big spend...those of you who hang around on the UK planner sites may remember talk of the `Filofax Sale`.  Well sometime overnight last Friday I was mailed a series of codes...the best one being a 40% of a purchase of  >£100.  Well, it got me thinking...I quite like the new Maldens, and I only have a couple of planners. And, well....there must be some advantage to my insomnia.  So at 3 in the morning I was looking at the A5 Malden`s in Kingfisher and Fuschia.  Sadly there were no Kingfisher available but I do have my Aqua Lockwood and they may have been quite similar.  But.....


Look what turned up on Tuesday Morning.  My new A5 Fuschia Malden that I aquired for an excellent do I use it? or admire it?
I am on the whole all about using my planners, but I am not sure that others drag their planners all over the place with them and give them the abuse that I do...I do think other planners tend to treat their babies with a little love and respect.  So, for the time being I am in admiration mode.

which brings me to this weeks questions...once again the `plannerholic` fiends have come up with a series of questions.

#1  how many planner do I own...well, one more now roflmao

I have my A5 oiled leather Hampstead I bought in about 2002
The Aqua Lockwood my cats got me for Christmas last year
An A5 Purple Malden as yet unused as i am enjoying the Aqua Lockwood...this was a bargain from one of the UK selling sites
The new A5 Fuschia Malden
and an A5 cheap planner from paperchase...I think it cost me about £4.  I  use it to file my old pages even though it is lovely in its own right.


#2 What is my favourite pen?  well that would be my Cross fountain pen that the Hubs bought for me about 15 years ago.  However, I tend not to use it in my planner as I do like a finer point for detailing and drawing. I love the Staedtler fine liners but even the Tesco own brand are good.  I really love Sakura micron but they are too good for scribbling in my planner I tend to use them for Zentangle


#3  Do you have a favourite theme?  This is my question and now I am wondering what the hell I was thinking.  As you know I love decorating my planner with stamping but other people like to BuJo.  some like to use stickers.  Some are no white space planners, others are lots of white space planners.

#4 How many rolls of washi?  better count up...37 skinnies and this little lot.  TBH I don`t buy skinnies now.  I just cut the bigger tapes down on my paper trimmer

#5 Stickers or Washi?  Well.....sticker paper would be my answer because I do most of my colouring on inages stamped to sticker paper.  Even the best planner paper will not support alcohol ink markers.

# Discs, Rings or Coils?  Definitely a ring lady...I have been pretty faithful to Filofax since I got my first one at the end of the 1980`s.  Sadly I seem to have lost that one.  I tried the coiled Personal Planner but after a couple of weeks it got uncoiled punched and inserted in a Filofax.

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Emma and Vicky...your links have a mind of their own

Planner Pages Decorative Stamping - In The Garden

Planner Pages Decorative Stamping - In The Garden


Planner Pages Decorative Stamping - Jo Whight - In The Garden

`In The Garden` is the theme for this weeks planner spread...I can confidently tell you i have accomplished my mission and actually decorated before the week has started.  Please check out my Confessions of a Plannerholic #3,4 post to find out more about what is happening in my life at the moment.

So, I am hoping you guys can see a difference?  I have moved out of my comfort zone and focused primarily on background stamping.  The whole piece is inked.  It was pointed out that I had not left much room for planning but actually I planned to stamp and write all over the base design.



A base layer of inks was sponged on to the background.  I used Stampin` up inks this week in `so saffron` `soft sky` and `wild wasabi`...over these I stamped the images, most of which are by an English company called Lavinia Stamps...I absolutely adore their images and use them frequently in conjunction with the Gelli plate.  However, I haven`t yet used the Gelli plate in the planner, as not all stamping skills work on planner pages.
  The base of the design at the bottom of the page was created with a free stamp from Indigo Blu

and after


As the decoration is so loose I have chosen to be more formal with my planner stamping and have utilised some boxes from Studio L2E to give more form and structure to my pages. I have also used their hydrate tracker as it is so hot here right now, I need to make sure I drink my eight glasses as well as my decaf coffee before I expire with heat exhaustion.  

Finally, everybody has got to love a Sloth  #SlothSunday from Tiny Stamps Big Plans



Have a great week everyone
Jo x

Planner Pages Decorative Stamping - Fun in the Sun

Planner Pages Decorative Stamping - Fun in the Sun


Planner stamping - Fun in the Sun - Joanna`s planner

The theme this week on the Facebook group Creative Planning is all about Fun in the Sun.

  I wasn`t altogether keen on this theme as the weather here in the UK has been less than perfect.  In fact I would go as far as to say it has been down right miserable...except for this week....Temperatures have suddenly soared and everyone is moaning about being hot.  Air conditioning is not something most of us have in our homes...we just melt lol

On a positive note I am thinking about buying some swimwear that fits so we can go to the beach.  The kids here start their summer break tomorrow so I do hope it stays nice for them.


This weeks main image is from Amanda Byron at Faery Ink, she has been printed on to sticker paper coloured with copic pens the palm tree leaves, the sun  and the sandcastle have all been made in a similar fashion, although the leaves are just drawn free hand and the castle and sun are from Lawn Fawn.

The sea, the sky and the sand were inked in using dye based inks.  I used Adirondak and Stampin `up inks.  All the detail has been added with coloured pencil.


I thought you might like to see the spread before i started to add the functional stamps and the handwriting.


As the eagle eyed might notice, I had that balloon trip booked again this week...guess what?  heatwave all week, but too much cloud for Thursday morning and so it was cancelled again...and so.... I have booked again for the 10th August.  I hope you will all wish me luck with the weather.  I am so glad I haven`t committed to any balloon themed spreads lol

I would wish you all a fabulous week but as it is nearly, i will wish you a great weekend
Jo x

Confessions of a Plannerholic - Jo Whight

Confessions of a Plannerholic #2 - Jo Whight


first week this year

So the girls have come with 8 confessions questions and I am going to try and answer them for you without falling about laughing
so without further ado...

1, What is my favourite planner, Well I confess to being a one planner girl, and I am currently using Inkwell Press A5 inserts in my Aqua Lockwood Filofax. I love the IWP inserts for the quality of paper...they are 140 gsm which means I can give them a serious amount of abuse with inks and nothing shadows through to the other side.  However, next year I face a I pay the astronomical mailing/customs fees from the US or do I do something else?  I like the Personal Planner from Sweden and used this last year.  However, it was an effort to unbind it and re-punch. Ideally they would offer either a 6 hole punched version or even an un-punched unbound version but sadly the answer to that is no.
So, the answer for me is to design and print my own and I am trying that out at the moment.


IWP inserts

2, What is the name of my planner...well what can I say?  ROFLMAO....The simple answer is no!  Really?  Do people actually do this?  I think I am getting too old! but the name Harriet has a certain amount of appeal


3, What are my favourite accessories?  Other than my stamps?  Well that would be any that have special meaning.  Either I have made them myself or, they have been gifted to me.  I do like handcrafted planner clips and have a couple of really spectacular ones from Stacey at Stacey`s world.  I am going to have to give this polymer clay stuff a go at some point.


4.  Top tip?  Plan your planning time...decorating my planner may seem frivolous but it is my relaxation time.  I have a couple of hours on a Thursday afternoon and that is it.  All the tasks are entered through the week as life has a habit of throwing curve balls.


5.  Why planners?  Well I could witter on about this for ages but in a nutshell...scrapbooking was a bit arduous.  I really wanted to art journal but big pieces of white paper are scary, so I tried Project Life...I managed 2 pages as I am lax at taking photos.  i have however, collected enough jounaling cards to last the rest of my these ones though.  The Americans would call them sassy.  I just think they appeal more to the British market.  What do you think?  Cheese or reality? 

 On one of my craft pages someone posted about the EC (Erin Condren) it got me interested, but the price was high for something I wasn`t 100% sure I would commit to, So I started to look in to it seriously...That is when I discovered how beautiful planners could be.  Mini works of art...and if they go wrong?  So, next week you are on to something else, and as a bonus I get to organise myself too.  Being a `spoonie` planner memory issues are often a problem.  However, I am not a tracker lol.

6.  Desert island items?  My cats, my hubster, a planner, a magic wand, and plenty of planner `stuff`, that should cover most eventualities.

7.  In the event of a `Zombie Apocalypse` and only having access to one store...Hmmmm!  Possibly `Hobby Craft`.  Yes, it is a bit basic but they have a little of everything.  You could get paper, card, washi, pens, pencils, paints...or my favourite, `Pinnacle Crafts` at Barleylands in Essex but that is not technically a stationery store...and it doesn`t carry washi yet.

8.  I don`t know who thought of these questions....but???
So, I win a million pounds on the lotto what three things do I buy and why.  This a totally hypothetical question because frankly I can`t be arsed to do the lotteries.  However, if someone were to buy me a winning ticket....
Well I would invest in or buy the Personal Planner Company and offer unbound un-punched planners or, a six ring punched  That would sort a lot of issues out.
I would love a few really nice A5 Filofaxes or, I have seen some absolutely fabulous hand painted Dori`s on Etsy
Number three.....could I afford world peace?  probably pay the mortgage off

Have a great week

Jo x

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Planner Pages Decorative Stamping - Mermaid Ariel

Planner Pages Decorative Stamping - Jo Whight - Mermaid Ariel


Planner Pages Decorative Stamping - Mermaid Ariel - Under the Sea

This week I decided to follow the theme week in the creative planning group `Under the Sea`.
Themes are a great idea and certainly promote creativity


Not only that but I am really excited as this is the first week I have created my own planner pages.  I have been struggling with this for weeks, as I could not get MS Word to do what I wanted, in the format I wanted.  Every time I think I have it right, the printing lets me down...and then I had a brainwave!  Really can`t think why I hadn`t thought of it before.  I designed my pages using the Silhouette Design Master Software.  Pow! done in an hour.

planner stamping-ariel-little mermaid

So, my feature image this week is by Yam Puff on Deviant Art I really love her artwork and this is her take on `Ariel` the little mermaid, which has been coloured using the Copic alcohol markers. In addition I have used a few of the Lawn Fawn `Mermaid for You` stamps.

Functional stamps are by the usual stamp companies Studio L2E, Tiny Stamps Big Plans and a couple from Sweet Stamp Shop.


I think it will take me a bit of time to get used to the new layout but I do have a couple of versions that i can use for either vertical decoration or horizontal decoration.  I have used a 130gsm paper here.  It is not as good as the paper in my IWP as I have some shadow through, but I plan to go to Staples next week and sort out some better paper.  A ream of 140 or 150 gsm is going to be substantially cheaper than buying a new IWP with shipping.

Shipping and customs is becoming stupidly problematic here in the UK...I had a little package from Sweet Stamp Shop turn up and it cost me £13.00 (approx $20) just to pick up from the Post Office.  That was on top of the cost of the stamps and the shipping.  It is just such a shame we don`t have more stamp makers in the UK.  However, i am going to look at the `Love Cynthia` stamps from France.  We might be `Brexiting` but supporting home grown talent is always good.

have a good week people  xx

keep an eye out Monday for more confessions of a plannerholic

Planner Stamping - A New Adventure - Joanna`s Planner

Planner Stamping - A New Adventure - Joanna`s Planner


Planner Stamping - A New Adventure - Joanna`s Planner

An interesting blog post today, as I am trying something new and have joined a blog group `Confessions of a Plannerholic`.  For those of you who may not have come across my blog before, I am primarily a planner stamper, utilising my planner not just for organising my life but for journaling, art journaling and anything else between.


It is possible given my situation that I should be running more than one planner to accomodate all my stuff.  However, I like the security of carrying my `stuff` around with me, and consequently my A5 ringbound goes everywhere.  If I didn`t take it I would definitely need it...however, it always brings up the eternal question of planner bags LOL.


I have a very small family of planners, My A5 Aqua Lockwood Filofax which is my current `in use` planner.  I do love it but am a tad hindered by the 25mm rings. A Purple Malden that I bought last year and have never used, a brown oiled leather Hampstead that I treated myself to in 2002 whilst studying and a cheap black planner from `Paperchase` for archiving old pages.

The confessions comes in when I remember I have a sneaky cerise Carpe Diem in my desk drawer at work but we can discuss that another time as there will be lots more to follow.

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