planner stamping - fairy

Planner Stamping - Jo Whight - May Fairy


Planner stamping - Jo Whight - May fairy

So, I am back to fairies again...I love a fairy and especially a fresh coloured spring fairy.

Fairies and fresh colours were the theme for this weeks spread.  It was a last minute decision to go with this theme and it was inspired by the `One Day Fae Giveaway` on the faery ink blog. Thanks Amanda for the Maggie Daisy Fae.

I loved the freshness of this image with the daisy...I am not ready for the full blown heat of summer yet.  Here in the UK the baby birds are leaving the nests, everywhere is very green.  the trees are in blossom and of course most of my patients have now got hay fever symptoms.  Oh well, I suppose you cannot have it all.

This image was coloured with Copic alcohol markers, there is an error...can you spot it?  but it still looks good and I will only look at it for a week so I am not too worried.

planner stamping-fairy-fae-faery-decorative

The rest of the spread has been filled in using my custom stamps from `Tiny Stamps Big Plans`.  Rowena will be home shortly from Geaux Wild and the Etsy shop will re-open. 
 The blue boxes are from Studio L2E most of the other stamps are from Lawn Fawn who have had a new release this week.  if you are interested in a particular stamp, shout and I will find out where it from.

I am quite proud of my `Toadily Awesome` planner clip and intend to make some more of these.


This week is very much a week in progress.  I like to get the decorative stuff done before the weekend.  I always get in a muddle with my task stamps because I will often decide what I am doing the night before it happens. Being a naturally lazy person I tend to draw things in rather than get the stamps out.  The end of the week never looks as clean as the beginning of the week lol.  I also like to add in jounalling cards that fit between the pages so that i can use my planner as a journal too.

Wishing you all a good week and yes, I do know about Tuesday lol


  1. This is so pretty. Seriously loved your painting. The blending of colors you've done in the background is just amazing. Your paints are great.