Planner Stamping Belle - Studio L2E & Tiny Stamps Big Plans

Planner Stamping featuring Belle from Beauty and the Beast and my new planner stamps from Studio L2E and Tiny Stamps Big Plans

So finally...I have some time to spend on my planner.  At the beginning of the month you may remember that I made a huge mistake.  Due to the American date system I got totally muddled and decorated week beginning 04/25 instead of 04/04.  Well it did give me a bit of a head start on this weeks spread, as Belle was already coloured up and the background had already been prepped.

This left time to play with my new planner stamps that have been sitting on the side waiting for me to have a little time to spare. 

 I have Studio L2E`s read it set, the hi-light it boxes and the tall and skinny alphabet set from the latest release

From Tiny Stamps Big Plans I have some custom words that I ordered.  Somewhat amazingly they match the brush alphabet words from the list it:boxes set.  I also have a new hydrate stamp.  The hydration trackers from Tiny Stamps Big Plans are really clever.  There are lots of different options that can be used to track your water, coffee or even alcohol.  I really like the hydration flower but today I am using this hydration stamp.  I  will have to keep my pencil sharp to fill this one in.


Best of all, a huge thanks to Rowena Grall....this gorgeous Audrey 2 stamp that is there to remind me that I need to feed my sour dough on a fortnightly basis.  you will be getting to see this one regularly

So, enough of me banging on about my new stamps.

Belle is another fabulous fan art image from Yampuff on Deviant Art.  I can`t thank this lady enough for being generous and sharing her artwork so freely.  


Belle has been coloured with alcohol inks on sticker paper.  The image has then been applied over a background created with a retired Stampin` Up set called `Holiday Home` coloured lightly with pencil.   House stamps are not difficult to find.  I got another set for less than a £1.00 at Alexandra Palace a few weeks ago

 Tsukineiko Brilliance ink in Rocket Red and Mediterranean Blue have been used for the two toned weekend stamp that was created from the Tall and Skinny alphas, and I have continued the red across to my work tracking.  I can see this box being useful to track overtime an essential requirement for  NHS workers

The work/day off stamps are a custom order from Rowena.  I also ordered `sick` you can see how well they co-ordinate with the menu and top 3 stamps from Studio L2E.  Next time a custom order comes up I am going to order shirk in the same font.  I am thinking it might work a little better than day off.


All of the other images on the page have been coloured with Faber Castell  Polychromos pencils...I usually use whatever is to hand as I have a few sets.  the books have also been highlighted with a little gold washi, fussy cut to fit



  1. ❤️ Your work is amazing!! I love Belle! Beauty and the beast is my all favorite movie!! But, I can't find her anywhere in the galleries?

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      i apologies to Yampuff
      i spent hours looking for this link last night. in the end i had to ask some of my colouring chums. i was so embarassed to get it this apologies to you too