Joanna`s Planner - Planner Kit #3 Fitness - Scrappers Delights

Joanna`s Planner - Planner Kit #3 Fitness - Scrappers Delights

Trying to lose weight?  Trying to increase your fitness?

There is a new Fitness Planner available on the Scrappers Delight site.  This is a brilliant tool if you are trying to lose weight and get fit.  There are different sheets for recording meals and snacks, weekly weights, measurements, exercise logs etc etc.  You can build an entire fitness planner.


Now, I like everything in one planner.  I do not like a planner for this and a planner for that, I want everything in one place.  Because of this (and my poor health) I have adapted the fitness planner to suit my needs.  At the moment it is important that I monitor what I eat.  High dose steroid inevitably leads to weight gain and I need to keep this to a minimum and make sure healthier choices are made.


So....instead of using the larger sized fitness planner, I have used the A5 pages and used them in a dutch door format to extend my weekly spread.


On the whole I follow the Slimming World Plan so you will see that I have used my appropriate custom stamps to enhance the spread.

It has been fairly practical in use this week.  I do think I will need to adapt the spread slightly now I have used it and I know what I want to do. I will leave off the decoration because this can take too much time and distract me from the actual use there of...priority being function over form in this case.  Because the `Dutch Doors` are washi`d in, they can be removed at the end of the week, as I cannot think of any reason to archive my weeks eating lol.


Also, I am going to consider a fitness section in my planner...this would definitely work better than a separate planner but like all things to do with planning it will be an organic process.  The scrappers delights fitness planner however, gives you the tools to get it just right for you.

Joanna`s Planner - Scrappers Delight - Inspiration #3

This week is cat week in the Scrappers Delight horizontal digital planner.  As you can see I am still using the horizontal layout.  I always like to give a new layout at least a months trial before I make any decisions on liking or disliking.


Joanna's Planner - Planner Kit #2 - Scrappers Delight

Going Horizontal


This week we have been asked to use the new 'Scrappers Delights' Horizontal Planner.

The Scrappers Delight Planner is a digital planner that is downloaded and printed off.  It differs from other printables in that it is supplied in jpeg format.  All the little extras such as dates, days, bullet points, fills, decorations etc are supplied as png files which allows different elements to layered in a graphics programme to meet personal requirements before printing off.  A simple free graphics programme such as picmonkey is more than adequate for this.....

However, don't panic if you do not feel you have the skills to digitally adjust things.  You can always do what I do.  Print off the basic weekly spread and then add all the elements manually, with stamps, inks and stickers.  This allows maximum creativity for crafters, memory keepers and art journalers.


In this particular spread the rainbow background was created by masking off with washi tape and sponging in the rainbow colours.  I have used Stampin' Up inks but most inks will work well.  If in doubt try them out on a spare piece of paper before committing.


The unicorn is a digital stamp also available from Scrappers Delights.  This has been printed on to sticker paper and coloured with alcohol markers before cutting out and adhering to the base layer.  DO NOT use your alcohol markers direct to planner unless you are prepared for bleed through.  I always worry that people will not realise I use sticker paper lol.  

joanna`s-planner-unicorn-scrappers delights

If you are observant you will see that this planner spread has an unusual day layout.  This has been done to accommodate the unicorn design which I settled in to the lower left  corner.  I am not sure if this was the right decision but I felt that the rainbow rays would work better from this angle.  It does mean however, that I am going to have to be particularly careful that I remember which days are where.

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Technique Tuesday

Joanna`s Planner - Inspiration Week 2 - Scrappers Delight


Joanna`s Planner - Inspiration Week 2 - Scrappers Delight

This week is Inspiration Week #2 in the Scrappers Delight digital planner.  For clarification this digital planner is a printable.  Different elements can be added to the basic planner using a graphics programme such as Pic Monkey before printing off. 

 I however, print off the base planner and stick to the more traditional methods of decorating using assorted planner stamps, inking techniques and decorative stamps to achieve the look I am after.


Now on the the subject of looks, this look is totally different to the planner page with the Genie theme.  If you read my previous blog post you will know I wasn`t too happy with the day stamps as I felt they were too big and intrusive on the spread.  As a reaction to that I have used a much softer colour scheme and have chosen to use smaller functional stamps.  These are from the usual suppliers and I will add the links below.  The balloons to celebrate my mums birthday are hand drawn and totally inspired by the sassy club stamp set that I haven`t ordered as yet....

Keeping to a limited palette of more muted colours has also resulted in a more soothing spread lol  If you look closely you will see the focus is on more inky techniques.  I have used versamark to resist the ink around the edge before over stamping with the same image.  This technique has also been used in the feature boxes.  Keeping the decoration simple will allow me to write over those decorative boxes and the inking will just become part of the background.


The main image this week is the same one  used on a new dashboard a few weeks ago.  It is called  Chastity Steampunk 2  I really like this image and it works really well with the muted colour pallette. .  I am not sure it would suit a brights but there are some clever people out there who would probably  make this work beautifully.


Hope you are all having fun with your own planners
Jo x

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Planner Girl Collective - My Monthlies

Planner Girl Collective - My Monthlies - Joanna`s Planner

Well this title certainly made me chuckle.  The girls this week are looking at their monthly spreads.

Joanna's Planner - Recollections - Kitty Spread


This week in my recollections planner features a kitty theme.  It all started with the arrival of happy mail from the US.


Receipt of this amazing package with cat goodies from the SASSY CLUB (discount code below) and SWEET STAMP SHOP  influenced this weeks choice of image from SATURATED CANARY (aka Krista Leigh Smith).


  I have again continued the purple theme by using purple in the clothing and co-ordinating the washi to match.  The lovely meow washi was a RAK from one of the lovely ladies on 'Kittens Who Plan', and it has just finished the look.


I have used a 'catitude' image from the Sassy Club...I have to say that I love these stamps.  The line work is super, it strikes the right balance between fine and heavy.  I have also used some of the small images as accents.  I really want to use the whole set on an entire spread but I will have to put that on my to-do list for the time being...which is now another to do.  Make a spread wish list lol.

As usual I have used functional stamps from the usual suppliers. 

(10% discount is available if you use my referral code

Planner Girl Collective - My Planning Style - Joanna's Planner

To be honest I would not have said I had a particular style but as I look back over my earlier spreads I can certainly see a style developing.  It took about a year to hit the groove that seems to work for me.


I am aware that some 'planners' look down on the decorative style of planning but I am very much an each to his you a hard core pen and paper planner to a very decorative art journaler I love and gain inspiration from each of you.