What is the Scrappers Delight Digital Planner? Nautical Week

Just wanted to show you what can be achieved with digital stamps in your planner

scrappers-delights-planner-what is

This week I have used a nautical image from Scrapper Delights and you can find it here.  I have been using the Scrappers Delight digital printable planner for nearly 6 months now and I still think it is a really good option, especially if planners are hard to get hold of in your part of the world or, if you want to print on a specialist paper.  For example I would like to do some work with watercolours in mine...just picked up my almost totally demolished set that I lent my mum last year but that is for another week.


Anyway, I wanted to talk a bit more about this planner because people often ask me `what is this digital planner?`
I believe (but may be wrong) that the Scrappers Delights digital planner is a unique product.  It was bought to my attention a few months ago when Janice the designer behind Scrappers Delights reached out to me for input.


I am particularly interested in this type of planner because it brings planners to everyone.  Those of you who read my blog will know that at the end of 2016 I was complaining about shipping and import taxes for buying my chosen planner and in fact I had started to put together my own planner page templates as a result.  Being a more mature (cough) planner my IT skills are not wonderful, so the chance to work with this planner was of great interest to me.


The Scrappers Delight Planner is a digital planner that can be downloaded and printed off.  It differs from other printables in that it is supplied in jpeg format.  All the little extras such as dates, days, bullet points, fills, decorations etc are supplied as png files which allows different elements to be layered in a graphics programme to meet personal requirements before printing off.  A simple free graphics programme such as picmonkey is more than adequate for this.....


There are now 4 different versions.  Horizontal and vertical are available as either A5 or the 7" x 9" format that is the size of some of the larger US planners.  The planner can be printed on to any medium that can make its way through your printer, be it paper, cardstock or watercolour paper.  This means you can use all the art techniques to decorate.  Alternatively the standard size boxes of the vertical will fit many of the commercially available stickers.

In addition there is a huge selection of digital stamps, from an equally huge range of artists (check out Etsy to find your favourites).  Free digital images are also available from some artists on Deviant Art.  It is only right to credit the digital artists with the original art work where appropriate (usually I use links on my blog).  These digital stamps are really great for the decorative stamper as they can be resized to fit any planner, they can also be flipped and cropped.  Most jpeg images will need to be printed on a separate piece of paper card and applied,  Images with a transparent background can be added in a layer to the base planner sheet.


Then it is up to you to use your chosen mediums to decorate...watercolours, acrylics, inks.  Adding dimension will need to be carefully considered as this will add bulk to your finished planner.  However, there is no need to carry all 12 months around with you at any one time.  I usually restrict mine to 4 months as I like to incorporate all my `stuff` in to the one planner.


Please, please recognise the laws of copyright.  It might be fun to take free images from a search of the internet but you will be depriving artists of their income.  This is important because artists put a lot of time and effort in to the work they sell and if it is not financially worth their while to do so they will just cease to create.  I have seen several designers give up their shops because this.  Eventually we all suffer as a result.

Anyway enough of the serious stuff...go and be creative.  I would love to see what you come up with

Jo x

OMG - Planner Girl - Joanna

Oh My Word...I am so thrilled to show you this weeks spread.  If you read my blog you will know that I really like the Faery Ink Zaftig Zara image as she is a curvy lady and not an impossibly thin unachievable and unrealistic image.


Well look at this....Planner ladies rejoice, we have our own Zaftig Zara.

As usual I have resized the image, printed it on sticker paper and coloured with copic pens before cutting out and applying to the background.  I have used a really tiny name plate stamp from `The Sassy Club` to personalise my planner.  Because, of course this lady has clearly been modelled on myself.....well she is carrying a Kingfisher Blue, Filofax Malden

Now when you have picked yourself up from laughing stupidly you will of course realise I am dreaming.  Yes, I am a bit of a chunky monkey but at my age I am certainly not this glam but it is always good to believe in yourself.


The functional stamps are from my usual planner stamp sources.  I have a fabulous set of planner related stamps from `The Sassy Club`...the open planner, tassel and planner name plate all come from this set.

Sweet Stamp Shop, Lawn Fawn, Studio L2e and Tiny Stamps Big Plans are responsible for all the other stamps...if you see something you like but cannot locate, send me a message and I will let you know where it is from.

I just love my `Joanna`s Planner` clip from Cherry Blossom in the Market Square 


The project was entirely micro managed by LOKi #plannercat  who has very strong opinions when it comes to planners.


and will no doubt also be supervising next week too!

hope you all have a great week

Jo x

Scrappers Delight - Inspiration Week #5 - Paris

The middle of summer and here in the UK the weather is warm but wet and grey...my favourite way to relax is coffee and people watching at our local coffee roasters.
 What could be better?


Fabulous coffee and people watching in Paris.....?

This weeks Scrappers Delight inspiration spread captures that relaxing feeling.
A hard day's shopping with coffee and croissant for lunch.


All that is needed here is a little dog to finish the picture....I can see one being drawn in later this week.


I like to doodle in my planner as well as write, so the end of the week is usually quite different to the beginning.  If you read the Harry Potter post you will know I was going to post an end of the week photo....guess who dropped an entire ink pad on the spread? 😀😀

This fabulous image is available from Scrappers Delights here and if you look a little bit further you will find the digital planner sheets for printing off...This spread features the large vertical sheets but the planner is also available in A5 vertical, and both A5, and large horizontal formats.


hope you all have a great week..I am off to colour up a fabulous image for next week and make what I hope will be a great dashboard for a great friend

Jo x

Harry Potter - Planner Spread - Joanna`s Planner

Oh my word!  It is that time of the year again...you know the one when we celebrate the birthday of the boy with the lightening scar.

It really doesn`t seem that long ago that I made a Potter related spread but it must be an entire year...


Do you recognise this scene?

The whole spread is based on the fabulous free image from Jade Dragonne on Deviant Art.  I can only thank this lady for sharing all her fabulous art work so that I may enjoy colouring it in my planner.  I think she shares it for more than that purpose though, but I can dream.
Find it here

The first part of the design was to apply Distress ink on a sponge to the outer aspect of each page before working on the images.
The main image was printed on to sticker paper coloured with alcohol markers and cut out (discarding some of the bits that I did not want to use).  Don`t forget if you use alcohol markers direct to your planner you will get bleed through.


The table was created with Little B Washi tape and repeated again on the second page, although this time I drew in some chairs for interest and coloured them with pencils. 
  Bricks were also stencilled in for some textural interest.  I wasn`t sure if I should buy this Washi as it is not particularly `pretty` but I have to say there is so much you can do with it and it is used nearly as much as the Grass Washi

I have used stamps from my planner stash including the broomstick from Sweet Stamp Shop which was masked and overstamped in order to achieve the `Three Broomsticks` Harry`s glasses from the same set have been used to bullet point my to-do list. 
 The new Sweet magic set on its way to me but it is currently sitting in `MyMallBox` waiting for me to finish buying all the `stuff` before I ship it here to the UK.

My Audrey 2 stamp is making its 3 weekly appearance (when I remember) and I am thrilled to say that Rowena now has her own website ...so follow the link and go look. Tiny Stamps Big Plans make super planner stamps and shipping to the UK is not too bad either.


I have lots more to add to this spread and may update this post with the finished week if anyone is interested.

Joanna`s planner-Harry-Potter-three-broomsticks

Hope you are all having a wonderful summer

Jo x

Scrappers Delight - Recipe Cards

Scrappers Delight - Recipe Cards

This month scrappers delight have released some recipe cards in their digital planner range, along with some appropriate digital images.  find them here

I have used mine to monitor my smoking and curing. As you can see I have adapted mine so that more information may be written inside.  They are certainly fun items to use in your planner but i think they would also be great for a recipe swap.  

 In order to incorporate them in to my planner I have made this fabulous little planner pocket to hold them and have used one of the images to decorate with.

This particular pocket was made with double sided scrapbooking paper and decorated with one of the SD digital images.  I am hoping to get a youtube tutorial up shortly to show you how to make planner pockets to suit your own purposes, so do check back shortly.

Joanna`s Planner - The New Stampin` Up Planner - A Review

Have you see the new Stampin` Up Planner? 
(pop planner in the search box)

Want A Look?


This well known company are new to the planner market with their long awaited planner and I thought it would be good to have a look at it.

First impressions are good...I like the classy navy binder.  However, being an avid planner and carrying mine around all over the place I feel that the hard binder option is not altogether practical.  It is definitely not conducive to squidging in to a handbag or purse (depending on where you are in the world).

However, if you are more of a journaller then this may be just your thing.  It reminds me of a Project Life binder and has a ring binding system that matches all the well known memory keeping brands.

So what is inside?


 Definitely more Navy


 With some soft blue and pink.  

If you like a pretty planner you might like this...if however, you are a decorator you might find the provided colour scheme limits your possibilities to an extent.  

Each and every page has a navy and white polka dot pattern down the centre of each spread...no, that is not washi.  I have a feeling it could be covered with washi but only the darker colours and more opaque tapes would be particularly successful.

 Having shown you the pockets I expect you would like to see the stickers


3 sheets of these stickers are included in your planner and also 3 sheets of the beautiful gold foiled stickers below, although I am not entirely sure what I would use them for. 


 So, what about the bread and butter...the weekly and monthly spreads?


The monthly spreads are the only pages that have months entered.  Everywhere else the planner is left blank for flexibility.  You can see here that I have entered in the dates by hand...also check out the sticker at the bottom of the left page.  I was checking how accurately the provided stickers fit the planner.

and here is my first weekly spread...


It always takes a while to settle to a new layout. 

 I have to say and this is a really good point that the insert paper is very good quality and none of my inked stamps show through and that includes the stampin` up dye based inks that on the whole have leaked through some of my other planners.

second week ...getting that groove


This time I have used a pen and ruler to section the planner.  This is a really useful idea if you are a list maker and like the structure of the vertical planner with its box format.  I have added a little washi at the top and used a green ink pad to match the sticker.

The joy of Stampin` Up is the ability to co-ordinate everything, plain papers, patterned papers, ribbons, buttons, inks etc...

Anyway, pressing on..I felt I needed to show you this


I hope you feel a little more positive about these than I do....what on earth they were thinking I do not know.  These little plastic pockets are approximately 2" x 2", too small for credit cards, not a standard size for photo prints....If you have any ideas please shout out.  

On the plus side standard memory keeping pockets do fit.  They are a little larger than the inserts but so much more useful and if they are stored at the back of your planner not at all annoying in anyway.  For my money I would buy the actual memory keeping thing...you can then even use all the standard memory keeping cards too....

Inside the binder the mechanism is dire and not at all good quality.  There are no tabs to open the rings so you will need to pull directly on them.  This means uneven pressure and uneven pressure means the rings will soon distort.

But don`t despair...you could save yourself a wodge of money (£9 in the UK) as the planner can be purchased either with the binder or as a refill pack without the binder..I know which one I would choose.

I can tell you that with a bit of extra punching this planner will happily fit any of the larger 6 hole planner systems.  I have tried in binders from Carpe Diem, Kikki K, and Paperchase.  It will also fit in a Filofax but being a little larger than A5 it is not quite such a good fit...

I hope you found this useful and if you should be interested in buying one of these planners for yourself I can certainly recommend my lady Judi, who is an `Independant Stampin` up Demontrator here in the UK.

 The link should take you direct to the planner page in the catalogue for a look see.  However, it has only been working when it feels like it for me.  If you don`t see the planner pop it in the search box on the top left of the page.

I know there is a new product release soon and look forward to more planner related items...I am sure as a company they would not miss that opportunity!

Hope you are all having a great well planned summer

Jo x

Joanna's Planner - On the beach

On the Beach


Looking good....just totally makes me think of summer.  Unfortunately, I am quite sun sensitive so I don't look quite this good in a bikini.

Are you planning any beach visits this year?

  Living near the coast I spend lots of time on the beach but alas I am that woman in a floor length cotton cover up.


Finally, I feel I am getting a bit of mojo back thanks to this fabulous image from Amanda at Faery Ink...it is so nice to see the curvy lady (Zarah Zaftig) featured instead of the usual impossibly thin women. 

The background has just been inked in gently with a sponge.  I love the sun.  The weather here in the UK is hot and sunny one minute and stormy the next.  

However, the children break up from school in the UK at the end of the week so the weather will soon change and we will have to make the most of what we have right now as it will soon be time for pumpkin spice and all things nice.


Zarah was imported in to MS word, sized appropriately and printed on to sticker paper.  She has then been coloured with alcohol markers before being cut out and stuck on to the background. Every thing else has been stamped direct to planner and coloured with pencils.


My Functional Planner Stamps are from the companies I usually use.  

Please feel free to message me about any specific stamp you are interested in and I will ascertain which set it is from.

Hope you are enjoying the summer or the winter if you are Aus.

hugs Jo x